Power 88 recently received permission from the Federal Communications Commission to increase both its wattage and its tower height. Now they’re hoping listeners can make that dream a reality.

Wilbur Goforth, owner of Goforth Media, which operates Power 88, says the station wants to increase from its current 33,000 watts to 100,000 watts, which would greatly increase the reach of this Christian station. Goforth has also been approved to raise the height of the station’s tower, to improve signal strength and add more coverage to the Pensacola, Pace and Milton, Florida, communities.

“If a radio station wants to reach more people, there are two ways to make this happen: more power and a higher broadcast tower. By doing these two things, a station will greatly expand their coverage. Also the sound quality will improve and most importantly: thousands more people are reached with the Ultimate Power of the Love of God,” Goforth wrote in a press release.

But the improvements will not be without cost, and Goforth says it’s expected $100,000 will need to be raised. For that he’s turning to the station’s listeners.

“Fundraising is low-key on the air. We don’t want it to cut our music flow down while we are raising money for the power increase. We are talking about it about one minute per hour on the air. We are using a mail-out newsletter to about 3,000 and we have an email list we are using of about 7,000,” Goforth said.

He hopes to raise the money and have the improvements made by the beginning of the year. The station’s studios and office will stay in Spanish Fort and the transmitter and tower will be on Highway 31 near the Eastern Shore Center.

Goforth says the station’s programming will not change as a result of the power increase. It will remain a full-time Christian music format.

He hopes to see listenership expand from a current level of 57,000 to more than 100,000.

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