To the editor:

Four years after the Gulf oil spill we are still paying the price for lack of the Federal Government not taking the proper action.

 Our President, who is so eager to use the Executive Order to get his way, could have easily used it to prevent most of the oil going into the Gulf and onto the beaches from east Texas to the Florida panhandle.

In the case of a major problem, the oil companies come to aid of their own and word went immediately that BP had a problem. Within a couple of days, help was offered to us through the State Department by Norway, The Netherlands, Denmark and Kuwait in the form of sending their skimmer ships to control and clean the waters. 

These are ocean-going vessels which are 100 percent ready, 24 hours a day year round. They are crewed, provisioned and fueled and all they need is sailing orders to drop the dock lines and come. Any three of these ships could have saved us all the grief we have had to endure.

The President refused to sign an Executive Order waiving the applicable U. S. laws and, thereby, allowing these vessels to come to our rescue. There are two reasons why he did not do so either or both of which he must have considered:

1. Rahm Emanuel, his Chief of Staff after his first election, in referring to the financial crisis said: «You should never let a good crisis go to waste.»

2. Although the Maritime unions approved of letting the foreign flag vessels into our waters, the SEIU with 40,000 U. S. members and their votes turned a thumbs down.

In addition to the oil in the water, there was the matter of the loss of 70,000 mostly high paying jobs on the rigs and the support system of the oil industry in the Northern Gulf, when the industry was virtually closed.

The first administration representative who showed up was Eric Holder, Obama›s pit bull.

The inactions of the President are inexcusable, in my view.

T. A. Horst, Jr.