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Band: Megan McMillan Album Release Shindig
Date: Friday, Jan. 4, 8 p.m.
Venue: The Listening Room of Mobile, 78 St. Francis St., thelisteningroomofmobile.com
Tickets: $20 artist donation at the door

Pinetucky is an Alabama community nestled between Clanton and Greensboro. While many may see it as the middle of nowhere, singer-songwriter Megan McMillan established her sound in this rural environment. Growing up, McMillan found inspiration within “mother’s love for country classics, her father’s rock ‘n’ roll influences and the serene beauty of the Talladega National Forest.”

Eventually, McMillan focused these inspirational forces into the eight tracks of her 2015 debut, “Potter’s Field.” With measures filled with honest folk and twangy country, she provided a positive first impression.

Three years later, McMillan provides another dose of true Americana with her album “Things That Change,” an album documenting her continued musical exploration by delving into alt. country and sometimes rock. However, McMillan still fills her songs with the pure, undeniable country edge that’s been with her since the start.