One thing after another! I swear, with all that is going on, I’m really putting the booze in Boozie, if you know what I mean. Ouch. And we haven’t even gotten to the holidays yet! Between fundraisers, parties, ice dancing, happy hour and football, Boozie is struggling to keep up! But have no fear, my gossip-loving fiends, I am a professional and will not let you down. So go ahead and dip your toes into the latest sea of gossip.

Male models wanted
This past Tuesday night was the Our Sisters’ Closet fundraiser, Purse for Purpose, at Heron Lakes Country Club. This annual fete is becoming one of the hottest tickets in town, selling out before the day of the event. People showed up wanting to buy tickets, but there just weren’t any left.

Boozie gets why it is so popular. For starters, it’s a great cause. Our Sisters’ Closet works to increase self-confidence and create job opportunities for disadvantaged women, providing free interview and workplace clothing, job search support and career advancement training. Support is provided to job-seeking men and teens as well.

Boozie knows people love this event for other reasons, too. One of those is the wine, and this past Tuesday they had it flowing like the Mobile River. The most popular part of the night is always the live auction, when local men model the purses up for grabs. This year’s most popular models were Fox 10 meteorologist Jason Smith and Andy Newton from Southern Light. Boozie heard when Andy was showing off his purse, women were shouting out high-dollar bids for a date with the handsome fella. Ladies, ladies, ladies, control yourselves please!

Besides the well-known models, some famous local folks were spotted. Boozie hears both House Representatives Margie Wilcox and Adline Clarke were in attendance, as well as Judge Edmond Naman. Boozie can’t talk about Purse for Purpose without mentioning the silent auction and the goodie bags. The silent auction consisted of tons of purses and other fun accessories. The goodie bags contained coupons, pens and underwear. Yes, underwear. Interesting, but Boozie hears the panties were a hit! A girl can never have too many, right?

Let’s chill
This past weekend the outdoor ice rink at Cooper Riverside Park, Riverside Ice, opened, and the Lagniappe crew and other media outlets took to the ice Friday night for a little fun and friendly competition.

Before we laced up our skates, Mayor Sandy Stimpson gave a little speech with the Azalea Trail Maids and area mascots standing by his side. Mayor Stimpson joked that he practices skating late at night so no one sees him. Oh, Mister Mayor, if only our own Lagniappe reporter Dale Liesch would have engaged in these nocturnal practices with you, as no one could have been as bad as him.

The first people, or should I say animals, on the ice were the mascots for a little hockey competition. They were all declared winners by the mayor’s official holiday mascot, Sandy Bear. I’ll have to say I’m still a little confused by Sandy Bear but whateve’.

Next up was the Media Race. Lagniappe’s Dale and WPMI’s chief meteorologist Chris Dunn were ready at the start line. Shelby Mitchell from 95 KSJ gave them the go-ahead and they were off. Dale was no match for Chris as he zoomed to the end and back. But Dale was a good sport and tried his best. He fell about midway but got back up on his skates and finished the race. What is the saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, at least try not to look like a buffoon” or something like that?

Boozie thinks there should be a rematch but this time only with people from the Mobile area. Boozie would be willing to bet Chris had laced up skates when he lived in Denver and Salt Lake City.

Boozie is giving the ice skating rink a stamp of approval. Though it was a little smaller than expected, it was a good chance to get out and enjoy Mobile’s sights. The only thing that disappointed Boozie was Mayor Stimpson and Sandy Bear didn’t show off their moves like those captured in the picture that surfaced earlier in the week, which absolutely was not Photoshopped, according to highly unreliable sources.

Footmarchers Ball a hit
After the Friday night ice skating shenanigans, many headed downtown for Artwalk and the 2nd annual Footmarchers Ball at Soul Kitchen. The ball is for the cast of characters you see marching on foot on Joe Cain Day, including the Wild Mauvillians, Skeleton Crew and Dauphin Street Drunks, among others. The gang treated all of those attending Artwalk to a second line down Dauphin Street and around Cathedral Square back to the Soul Kitchen, with the fantastic Blow House Brass Band providing those oh-so-familiar Mardi Gras tunes for the procession.

Tons of people were dressed up not just as Mardi Gras Indians, skeletons and pirates, but also just totally random stuff, such as one character a Wild Mauvillian described as “Marie Antoi-fish-nette.” Well, there you go. We can’t wait to see these guys parading down the street on Chief Slac’s day, Sunday, Feb. 7. Wow, it’s so early this year. We will be catching beads and buzzes before you know it.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ purse and panty lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!