A man who made news two years ago in a series of high-profile burglaries was sentenced to 63 months in jail by a federal judge Aug. 23 for his involvement earlier this year in the theft of cash and weapons from his uncle’s Washington County home.

Mobile’ U.S. Attorney’s Office confirmed that Matthew Boykin Walker, 63, was sentenced to more than five years in jail and an additional three months of probation by U.S. District Court Judge Kristi Dubose after pleading guilty to the theft of $30,000 in gold and silver coins, and $40,000 in cash and numerous weapons from a safe inside his elderly uncle’s Washington County home early this year. He was arrested for the crime in February, and law enforcement officials said the weapons had the serial numbers filed off of them when they were recovered.

At the time of his arrest, Walker was on probation for stealing a half million dollars worth of antiques in crimes that were both lavish and bold. In those cases, Walker was accused of having crews come into people’s homes and essentially strip them of almost everything of value, including mantles, molding and appliances.

One of the more unusual stories surrounding Walker included efforts to have stolen silver serving pieces engraved to reflect a connection with John F. Kennedy and his wife. One bowl in particular was engraved to appear as it was a gift from Dwight Eisenhower to the Kennedys. Walker apparently intended to sell the items as presidential heirlooms.

He was sentenced to three years probation in 2011 for those crimes and given a 10-year suspended sentence in Mobile County Circuit Court. He pleaded guilty to four counts of receiving stolen property in cases that stretched back three years.

Walker pleaded guilty to the Washington County burglary in April. Currently it is unknown where he will serve his sentence.