Band: Roman Gabriel Todd, S.O.S.S., Scraepers Papers, Blotchouts
Date: Saturday, May 19, 9 p.m.
Venue: The Blind Mule, 57 N. Claiborne St.,
Tickets: $5 at the door

Roman Gabriel Todd has shocked and energized with his intense and sometimes blasphemous form of rock ‘n’ roll. Armed with a junior bass, Todd has fronted projects ranging from Supreme Dispassion to RGT’s Beast Rising Out of the Sea.

Todd recently has been performing as the “Man Alone.” He may be the only person on stage, but Todd has no problem ensnaring crowds in his sonic frenzy, which he’s delivered nationwide in relentless tour runs.

S.O.S.S. will lend support, playing homegrown garage punk from its self-titled debut on Jeth-Row Records.

This show marks the return of Scraepers Papers to The Blind Mule. The trio’s experimental organ-fueled punk and memorable lyrics provide hope for the future of the Azalea City underground scene.

Billed as “tite weirdness from local weirdo Yacob,” Blotchouts complete this insane mix of local talent.