The last time a lottery proposal was before the voters was around the year 2001, when the governor was Bob Riley — and he certainly did not go to jail as Rob Holbert wrote in his “Time to scratch that lottery itch” column (Aug. 4).

Mr. Holbert’s inaccuracy is exceeded only by his self-righteousness. He raises the issue of the state “being in the booze business” and having “high sales taxes,” so I suppose we are to assume he is concerned about those things. But we are also to assume his morally inferior lottery opponents don’t care about those things. They only care that “the poor are disproportionately taken advantage of by gambling.”

In his morally superior estimation the poor are likely to spend their money on “fast food and cigarettes” anyway so why not on a “$1 lottery ticket” as well? Nothing to worry about here!

Changing the focus slightly to self-righteousness with regard to the governor, weren’t most of us in Alabama painfully embarrassed by his moral failure? Incessant harping only protracts the pain. Why not give us a rest from derision of the governor through unrelenting use of sexually tinged adjectives?

Once the governor apologized for his behavior and ceased the affair there remained nothing more he could do. Since you are morally superior to the governor you will probably be interested in the words of Jesus on the occasion of the woman taken in adultery: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

G. Smith Davis