The South’s homespun homage to abstract expression in textiles, quiltmaking, has taken on a fresh life and newfound respect over the last 20 years. This resurgence has led the Azalea City Quilters’ Guild to new appreciation in its native town and region.

Now the University of South Alabama is featuring the Quilters’ Guild’s range of proficiency in a new exhibit entitled The Challenge, on display in the Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art on the third floor of the Marx Library. It’s a new path with an old art.

In this annual trial, members from beginner to advanced are pushed to extend their skills. Participants select instructions randomly then are bound to follow through with specific colors, sizes and themes.

A variety of techniques can be found in the work, from hand quilting to machine. Some are painstakingly stitched together a fabric at a time while others employ appliqué with fabrics atop each other. Others are painted and embellished using thread and yarn.

Members participating in the exhibit are Janice Andrews, Carol Balch, Barbara Bayer, Tia Bourke, Nina Clotfelter, Joan Dodici, Linda Evans, Susan Garrett, Nancy Goodman, Janet Henry, Bonnie Johnson, Nancy Lancaster, Janie Lloyd, Susan Mogan, Charlotte Mott, Annette Oliver, Judy Phillips, Sharron Potts, Shawn Sumrall, Yvonne Taylor, Betty Todd, Wilma Toney, Mary Warfield and Elaine Williams.

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The Challenge
Where: University of South Alabama Library (5901 USA Dr. N.)
When: Through June 30