Rain, rain, go away, come again another day — or some other month! Do we even know what the sun looks like anymore? Luckily, the forecast predicts sunshiny days to come, but I’ll believe it when I see it. After all this rain, my midtown house became waterfront property and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

Speaking of good things, apparently if it rains on your wedding day it is said to bring good luck. So to all the brides who got married this past weekend: Looks like you have a lot of good luck on your hands! And Boozie readers, you’re in luck too — because I’m about to make it rain this week’s gossip! Enjoy!

Singin’ in the rain
This past Saturday night Brantley Gilbert gave a concert at The Wharf in Orange Beach, with Tyler Farr and Luke Comb as the opening acts. Brantley often visits the Gulf Coast — remember he played at BayFest and let a couple get engaged on stage before the show. Anyways, with him in town you know it will be a party, rain or shine.

My concert-going spy said Brantley opened with a song that said “let it rain,” and boy, did it. It rained so much that guys were taking off their shirts, people were dancing or grinding, whatever you want to call it, and just singing along like nothing was going on.

My spy said she laughed a little because so many girls were taking pictures in the rain, thinking they looked really cute. But my spy said that wasn’t the case — many had makeup running down their faces and their hair stuck to their heads. So much for all those hours of prepping.

My spy said the best part of the night was when everyone turned on their phone’s flashlight — or I guess if you are old school, got out a lighter — and lit the crowd up as Brantley played “Hell of an Amen.” Overall, my spy thought the concert was amazing even if it was a little soggy.

Will play for gumbo
Jimmy Buffett is home! Well, he was for a little bit. After his show in Tampa, Jimmy headed to the Gulf Coast for a little down time before his concert Tuesday night at The Wharf. (Side note: At the time this was written Jimmy hadn’t played, so check back next week for the concert rundown.)

His time was spent boating with sister LuLu, paddleboarding, and lots of eating. We heard rumors he was spotted at Flora-Bama Yacht Club, and chowing down on some gumbo at The Original Point Restaurant in Pensacola. Ugh, work … getting in the way of running into Jimmy Buffett in his natural habitat.

Boozie still wonders after all these years if Jimmy will share the details on where we can find THE “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” Yeah, sure, everyone likes to think it is their burger but Boozie wants the truth! Is it Pirates Cove’s, Pink Pony, or where?!

Then, if that wasn’t enough mystery, is the “Bama Breeze” the Flora-Bama? The two bars sound a lot alike and obviously Jimmy likes Flora-Bama, as he made sure to visit while he was in town. Or is it all just made up to keep us wondering and attending his concerts in hopes he will reveal his secrets?

If spotting Jimmy Buffett wasn’t enough for you, U.S. Attorney General and former Alabama AG and native Jeff Sessions was spotted shopping in Mobile at men’s clothing store G. Harvell. I am guessing Sessions heard G. Harvell was up for a Nappie for Best Men’s Clothing Store and had to check it out for himself. Maybe those folks up in D.C. tried to put him in some tacky Beltway suit and he wasn’t having it. Either way, welcome home.

And though there was no word on what our former U.S. senator bought, it’s said he has two of G. Harvell’s Mobile ties! Way to represent!

Goodbye, Water Street
Not to get too newsy, but I am sure you have heard ALDOT closed the Water Street ramp onto Interstate 10 right at the entrance to the Wallace Tunnel, aka the big tunnel. They claim it will make traffic flow better, but Boozie’s spies think summer was the wrong time to do that. They’re wondering how they’ll get to the beach quicker if the Bankhead Tunnel is backed up, or if they can’t cut over at the last minute. Boozie thinks all those vacation days have gone to ALDOT’s head!

Oh well, I still have the ol’ Joachim to Bankhead trick, if you know what I mean. Wink, wink!

New bar
Well guys, there is a new bar at the beach. It isn’t the typical bar I’d normally report on, but I had to check out this place because everyone is talking about it! It is milkshake bar called The Yard. If you haven’t been or heard about it, get ready to make a trip to Gulf Shores. This place makes milkshakes like you’ve never seen before!

The shakes are topped with things like cupcakes, slices of cheesecake, donuts, and globs of cookie dough! Do I need to say anything else? The best part is, it’s a bar the whole family can visit!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Jimmy Buffett lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!