“Rain, rain, come any day. We really need some rain to cool off our pool.” That is a Boozie original, so you are welcome. Or rather, I apologize.

But I for real need a little rain to cool off this town we live in. Boozie doesn’t do well in 100+ degree heat, it causes me to sweat out my alcohol quicker than I can drink it. So until the rain god hears our songs and sees our dances, just keep on throwing back the frozen drinks and keep cool. This is the calm before the storm … the storm of Fourth of July weekend, that is.

Quack, quack
Gulf Coast Ducks opened a few weekends ago and Boozie has heard it is a quackin’ good time. What makes the Duck Boat different is that it has wheels and drives into the water to give a tour of the Battleship.

Some of Boozie’s spies went on the tour. They said it was a lot of fun but they got soaked sitting in the back of the bus. Boozie is wondering if the Duck Boat will begin acting as a shuttle for the upcoming holiday weekend. If so, count me in!  

Dancing machine
Another of Boozie’s spies reported last Thursday night a group of guys were all at the downtown Moe’s having a good time. After many beers the music had them moving and grooving.

One guy decided to stand up on his bar stool dancing, and was quickly told to get down. Then another guy attempted to get on the top of the bar by jumping straight onto it. His first attempt failed because he didn’t jump high enough. The second attempt also failed because his foot got caught on the bar, causing him to fall into the bar. He walked away in embarrassment, either for not making it onto the bar or because the bartenders yelled at him. If Boozie had to guess, that wasn’t his first time attempting that and it definitely won’t be his last.  

Bottoms up
This past Sunday, June 26, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore and Colt Ford took the stage at The Wharf in Orange Beach. From what Boozie has heard it was hot!

Things really started heating up when Moore took the stage, according to one spy. She said his blue jeans were pretty tight but it made for a nice view of his booty. She said his pants were so tight she could see his can of dip in the back pocket. But those tight pants must not have bothered him because my spy said he was great!

Gilbert was next on stage, and while he wasn’t wearing tight jeans, my spy did say he was great as well and had everyone singing “Bottoms Up.” My spy also informed me about the heat. She said it was so freaking hot she wished she’d gotten the memo to wear short shorts and cropped tops.

Boozie’s spy did like any good spy, she said, and kept cool by drinking plenty of beers. but some weren’t as lucky. She said folks down on the floor had gotten so sweaty from singing and dancing they looked like they’d gotten caught in a rainstorm. Yikes.

Well, kids, that’s all I got. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!