Band: Phunk Blue Moon, MadFro
Date: Friday, June 19 at 9 p.m.
Venue: Alchemy Tavern, 7 S. Joachim St.,
Tickets: Call 251-441-7741 for more info

Live instrumentation adds so much depth to the world of hip-hop. Mobile’s Phunk Blue Moon live-instrument hip-hop has a virulent effect on crowds. As Phile Phil and Sir Nicholas match verbal skills, a barrage of funk rock carries their lyrics across the crowd. All the while, this group maintains the same high-energy attitude, whether they are performing at Alchemy or BayFest.

MadFro brings live-instrument hip-hop from the Crescent City. This NOLA-based band has been promoting its latest single, “Cannonball,” which has been featured on “Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes.” Front man Slangston Hughes weaves a verbal tapestry punctuated with a mix of heavy-rock riff and low-down funk. MadFro has been making its way along the Gulf Coast, and its invasion of Mobile should be a successful stop in the campaign.