92 ZEW’s six-week Countdown to the Hangout/Reach the Beach free concert series continues into its second week. For this round, the Eastern Shore’s Denver Hawsey will have his chance to win over the crowd and the judges with his acoustic sounds in an attempt to score a set at Hangout Fest 2015. Powerful vocals are met with thoughtful lyrics. Performing solo armed with only his guitar, Hawsey should create some fierce competition for the bands that follow.
The Revivalists
Gulf Coast favorite The Revivalists will finish the show. This group has quickly risen in popularity with a funk-infused pop sound that could only come from The Big Easy. Through the tracks of their album “City of Sound,” fans across the country have developed quite a love affair with this band.

The Revivalists, Denver Hawsey
Date: Sunday, April 12 at 6 p.m.
Venue: The Hangout, 101 E. Beach Blvd., www.thehangout.com
Tickets: Free