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On this episode of Lagniappe’s Real Deal podcast we sat down with Wiley Blankenship, president & CEO of local well-known nonprofit, Coastal Alabama Partnership.

In the second interview of a two-part series covering local tourism, Blankenship rolled up his sleeves to identify and define what he thinks tourism means in the area among a continuum of diverse nonprofit groups with different goals; why developing grassroots engagement is crucial and how to incorporate a for-profit “sense of urgency” into a historically predominant citywide not-for-profit infrastructure.

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For the epilogue, Ron and Johnny G. put ideation ingredients together to boil down, evaluate and speculate over the heady brew of suggestions served up by both Tindle and Blankenship. Tourism today in Mobile and Baldwin County is a hot topic. The solutions discussed by two significant champions of the industry locally may resonate for some time to come.

For a “guided tour” of good tidbits, here is a cheat sheet:

3:37 – what “tourism” means to an average person on the street
5:43 – grassroots commitment towards being a top level tourism area and accountability
7:12 – a smaller version of New Orleans or a Gulf Coast copy of Charleston?
11:43 – “90 day plan” if Blankenship was suddenly tapped to transform tourism
21:21 – why and how the perception of “fun” is a missing in the city
24:40 – “organizing the organizations” eliminating “silo mentalities”

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