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This BONUS episode of Lagniappe’s Real Deal series emerged from a free-wheeling segment of an “off the record” in-studio rant about happenings in the local commercial real estate market.

Johnny G. and I decided to convert the recordings into our first, full-blown “Rumor Mill” #CRE segment with NAI-Mobile and 106.5 TalkFM’s legendary Pete Riehm.

What’s covered? Here’s a sample:

Updates on the Wal-Mart Distribution Center — new apartments in downtown Mobile — a possible high-tech drone port buzzing out of Saint Elmo Airport (with Mark Zukerberg connections) — upgrades in downtown Mobile parking — Boeing moving locally into the area to compete with Airbus — the Poarch Creek Tribe taking over LoDa — and the high value of some local warehouse properties collectively identified as scarce resources.

We hope you enjoy this nearly unedited, no-holds-barred, high-energy podcast brought to you in partnership with Lagniappe Weekly and Deep Fried Studios.

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