In this episode of Lagniappe’s Real Deal Podcast Alabama’s eight year-old Entertainment Industry Incentive Act, now in line for evaluation during the current legislative session taking place in the halls of Goat Hill, is discussed.

For the first segment we sat down with Eva Golson, Director of Mobile’s Movie Film Office. Successful Hollywood producer and Fairhope native Scott Lumpkin was approached afterwards, outside of the studio, to contribute to the narrative in an exclusive phone interview.

Johnny G. and Ron, offering final thoughts in the wrap up, ponder the ramifications if and/or when more locally beneficial business legislation rides off into the sunset.

(Note: after this episode was recorded, it was learned that a feasibility study — put together by UT Knoxville’s Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research — recommended termination of the legislation to Senator Pro Tem Del Marsh)

Here’s a cheat sheet:

2:08 — origins of the Mobile film office

5:00 — origins of the Alabama movie tax credit legislation

10:16 — revenue generated on big movies made locally, 2010 to 2016

18:29 — Scott Lumpkin’s first big break in the film industry

25:16 — Lumpkin’s hot take on teetering movie tax credit legislation

29:11 — below the radar “halo effect” revenue seen from area film work

30:18 — the “Movie Mom” legend explained

34:19 — understanding methodology behind preparing third-party feasibility studies