In this week’s episode of the Real Deal, we break in our upgraded, sound-proofed, brand new “Batcave” version of Deep Fried Studios situated inside the Container Yard co-working space located on the ground floor of the Marine Street Lofts in Mobile.

A couple of weeks ago on a prior podcast, it was mentioned in our Rumor Mill segment the possibility a cryogenic company landing inside a West Mobile strip mall. Johnny G. was certain there were going to be creepy half alive/half dead “popsicle people” stored somewhere on ice in town.

As rumors would have it, our facts were off the mark. Not cryogenic, but rather a high-tech cryotherapy company is setting up shop locally around WeMo called Mobile Cryotherapy

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This cutting edge new local healthcare business uses liquid nitrogen (in gas form) to essentially “freeze” your body from the neck down. It is supposed to send your body into “survival” mode that, some experts say, makes you healthier and more attractive.

It has mainly been used recently as rehab for sports injuries (LeBron James endorses it), fitness, every day aches, pains and relief from chronic illness. It also apparently provides surprising health benefits. This week we had a chance to sit down with Samantha “Sam” Bloodworth, co-owner of Mobile Cryotherapy to get down to the facts about this vanguard industry

Also in an extended Rumor Mill segment, we had in studio Mobile’s “better version of Sean Hannity” sitting in as a special guest, dishing out the skinny on the very latest local real estate sizzle; popular host of FM Talk 106.5’s weekly Common Sense Town Hall Radio and commercial broker for locally-owned and operated NAI-Mobile – radio veteran Pete Riehm.

In this “cool” episode we explore:

• How Mobile Cryotherapy came into being only a few months after the idea was seen locally on an episode of Shark Tank

• The decision-making process between going with a franchise or creating a business model from scratch with cutting-edge technology

• The origins of cryotherapy technology and how long it’s been in use. Differences between American and European technologies

• The various health benefits seen when essentially standing nude inside a below-freezing temperature “dry cold” nitrogen chamber

• Proponents of cryotherapy and why it is so popular among professional athletes and Hollywood Movie Stars.

• Anecdotal evidence seen by the podcast host when subjecting himself recently to a cryotherapy session.

• Future growth plans in the local market. Expectations of adoption of high tech therapy by consumers in a mid tier market found in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

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(Disclaimer: although frequently used, cryotherapy treatments aren’t for everyone and many results mentioned are anecdotal. As with any health-related programs, please consider consulting with a physician before considering this new – but as of yet FDA unapproved – treatment since it is not covered by standard major medical health insurance).

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