To the editor:

I really liked your “tongue on cheek” spoof of the geese problem at Langan Park (Hidden Agenda July 10, 2014).  One comment however: in the top line of the second column, you used the phrase “per say.” Which is a very common misspelling of “per se.”

Also shame on you for making unfair snide “fun” of Hobby Lobby’s religious stance on not paying for abortions and IUD devices. IUD’s do not prevent egg fertilization as do birth control pills. They are supposed to prevent implantation thus causing a type of miscarriage each monthly cycle and when failing to accomplish that objective can cause multiple serious complications for the mother and the embryo.

Just because some things are legal does not make them “right.” We in the USA have aborted more babies causing their deaths than the number of deaths of the lost soldiers in all of the wars we ever fought. Many are killed while undergoing a normal delivery! Hobby Lobby wants no part of that and neither do I.

I like the truths and facts that Lagniappe gives its readers, especially in the Mobile political arena, but you are dead wrong when you make fun of someones valid long-held religious beliefs, even if you disagree with them.

You also can’t take a stand against “Obamacare” then blast someone who has a legitimate issue with its compliance demands, then takes legal steps to amend them. They could have just reduced all employees’ work hours to less than 30 per week as others did. Then they wouldn’t have to give any insurance benefits at all. They did not do this. They kept the workers and fought against the unfair policies instead.

Joy Burge,
Long time Lagniappe reader albeit an unhappy one today