On the heels of a lengthy legal battle between members of the Moorer YMCA and the metro board of YMCA of South Alabama, the new YSAL board has elected officers for the first time.

The board members, who were elected in December of 2013 following an order from a Mobile County Circuit Judge, unanimously choose a slate of new officers during a March 27 meeting. According to a press release from CEO Mark Hanke, the board reconstituted its Strategic Planning and Growth Committee, which is comprised of representatives from each of the five branches that make up YSAL.

“The focus of the committee will be to immediately address short term operational challenges and financial concerns of the association as a whole, and to formulate a long term strategic plan to encourage sustainability and growth,” Hanke said.

After the YSAL board announced plans to downsized and move the Moorer YMCA in downtown Mobile to the Kress building in March of 2012, members of the Moorer branch filed suit to stop the move.

Selling the current Moorer building would have earned YSAL around $2 million and was a part of a strategic plan to payoff nearly $5 million in accrued debt. With new bylaws, new board members and new officers, it’s likely the issue over the Moorer facility can move forward.

The newly elected officers include: John Browning, chief volunteer officer; Andy Rutens, vice chief volunteer officer; Ken Wells, treasurer and Melvin Evans, secretary.

“Our primary responsibility is to make sure the finances of this association are in order so that the YMCA can continue to serve our community,” Browning said. “We also make a commitment to engage in a process to reevaluate how the YMCA has served and broaden our perspective of how the YMCA can better serve a community.”