Fans of All That Remains never know what to expect. For 15 years, this metal band from Chicopee, Massachusetts has managed to stay fresh by forcing a subtle evolution upon their music. Throughout their six-album catalog, All That Remains has embraced various metal styles ranging from raging metalcore to melodic death metal.


In recent years, the group has even managed to emerge from the underground and find an audience on mainstream radio. Their singles “Stand Up” and “What If I Was Nothing” have even broken the Top 10 of Billboard’s mainstream rock chart. According to vocalist Phil Labonte, the band’s efforts to secure an audience in the mainstream are all about survival.

“Typically, your average music listener is young,” Labonte explained. “As they get older, their lives happen. They get married and they have kids. When you’re a band like us who has a career that’s 15-years-old or so, if we weren’t constantly getting in front of new people and expanding our audience, our band would shrivel and die.”

All That Remains has completed recording tracks for their upcoming release. Labonte views the creation of the album as a “validation that it was a good idea to do the last record.”

The record Labonte refers to is their 2012 release “A War You Cannot Win,” which was produced by Josh Wilbur. With a resume that boasted a relationship with Lamb of God and Gojira, the band saw Wilbur as the ideal person to take on production duties. All That Remains’ experience with Wilbur was so positive that they brought the producer back into the studio to add his personal touch to their upcoming effort.

“When we actually started working with him, he had a significant production impact and writing impact on every song,” Labonte said. “It was a really good time, and we’re really pleased with the way the record came out.”

As far as what All That Remains’ fans will think of the album, Labonte wouldn’t speculate.

All That Remains is a band that maintains a metal foundation and delves into its various subgenres. According to Labonte, All That Remains makes a conscious effort to make each album sound different from previous releases. Some songs may be reminiscent of tracks from previous albums, but they assure that no song will sound identical to another.

Even though Labonte remained ambiguous as far as what their fans can expect, he did reveal that his favorite aspects of the album are the hooks and big choruses.

“Right, wrong or indifferent, people know that they can’t predict what the next All That Remains record will be like, or what the songs will be like, whether there will be a lot of singing or a lot of screaming,” he said. “We try to make it a mix of everything, because that’s what we like.”

Labonte was unsure when the album would be released. He explained that he would soon be traveling to Los Angeles to meet Wilbur and polish some of the tracks on the album. Labonte thinks that their label Razor & Tie will start promoting the album later this month with its release tentatively scheduled for early 2015. With the holiday season in full swing, Labonte hopes that some people will use their iTunes gift cards to purchase their upcoming effort.

When All That Remains takes the Coca-Cola Stage, BayFest can expect to feel the unbridled fury of this metal group. However, those in attendance should not expect any costumes or gimmicks, just “five people up there feeling good about being able to perform music for people.”

All That Remains
Date: Saturday, Oct. 4, 8:15 p.m.
Stage: Coca-Cola Stage