To Rob Holbert:

My husband and I are passing through Alabama and stopped for the night in Daphne. Upon leaving this morning, I grabbed a copy of Lagniappe, since we are from Lafayette, La. Sir, your article, “It’s a question that can’t be answered” (Damn the Torpedoes 6/19/13) was remarkable. 

Thank you for a very vulnerable, yet discreet challenge for us. Thank you for the depth of reality written within your words – the one thing that is always worth our time, our talents, and our treasure – deposits of encouragement, hope and value into those in our lives.  And, those may be the clerk at the gas station, the waitress at the restaurant, those with whom we work, or members of our own intimate circle of friends and family.  Thank you for investing into our lives and refreshing our vision of the vast opportunity that is before in each encounter that comes each day.

Merida Brooks
Lafayette, LA