I have been retired for five years. I have always been concerned about my country and always voted. Sad to say, that was not enough. Before retirement, I did not have the time, plus I worked for a large corporation and had to make sure my opinions were not mistaken for my employer’s. Since retirement, I have been trying to make a difference in my community and country by getting involved, studying and researching the issues and trying to hold our elected officials accountable.

I have been up to Montgomery several times. I have called and asked our elected officials to help me and other concerned parents/grandparents to repeal Common Core (also known as College and Career Ready Standards). We get an honest patriot like State Sen. Rusty Glover to sponsor a bill to repeal Common Core and it never gets out of committee, gets gutted with an amendment, or set aside by other political maneuvering.

When you research why the repeal bill failed, the Business Council of Alabama always pops up. When BCA president and CEO Bill Canary speaks and tells his hand-picked legislators to jump, many of our legislators ask, “how high?” Just look at how many of them take money from the puppet master! Do you really think those same legislators are voting for we, the people?

Come on, my fellow Alabamians. Wake up and smell the roses. BCA’s website looks harmless enough. It says they are committed to bringing business to Alabama and try to ensure the state has an educated workforce. Yet the BCA continually refuses to face the fact that our schools and children have lost ground since Common Core was introduced four years ago.

Mobile County Superintendent Martha Peek recently touted a higher graduation rate. But it sounds like we are just passing more of our children through school with many not able to read and do math.

I believe Alabama once had an A minus in reading and a B plus in math. Now we tested the lowest of the 50 states. And in Mobile County, we have 12 “failing schools.” Mrs. Peek and State School Superintendent Tommy Bice have drank the same Kool-Aid.

Parents and grandparents, you should be fighting mad! Please call Canary, Bice, Peek and your legislators! When a liberal state like Massachusetts and several other states are repealing Common Core, why is Alabama not doing the same?

Cathy Odom, Mobile