I want to compliment the editor and staff for publishing contributing writer Ken Robinson’s article entitled “Islamophobia holding us back” in your Oct. 9-15, 2014 edition. The article was balanced and offered a common sense approach to viewing the Muslims in America and throughout the world.

I am a revert to the religion of Al-Islam, that was born, raised and lives in Mobile, for some 63-plus years. I must say that it’s not often I have read an article about the religion of Al-Islam that was presented without any bias comments. I hope that your reading audience will apply the suggested common sense approach that Mr. Robinson implied in this article toward Muslims and others. If all human beings would be open minded to get an understanding without applying biases we would not have phobias.

The religion of Al-Islam or any other religion doesn’t produce phobias, but when we allow biases to enter the mind, these biases cause the phobias. We are a human race with diversities which require us to learn about our differences through a common thread that binds us together as human beings. If we would consult these scriptures it would gives us understanding as well as instructions on addressing our diversity without applying any biases.

Please read the Holy Quran chapter 49, verse 13 and the Holy Bible, Acts chapter 17, verse 26.  

Nashid A. Rushdan