To the editor: 

Thank you for three articles appearing in the June 26 Lagniappe – all with the common thread of Fred:  “Fire Chief’s Accident . . .” (Bay Briefs by Dale Liesch) “A Letter from Fred to Fred . . . ,” (Damn the Torpedoes by Rob Holbert) and “Stuck inside Mobile” (Hidden Agenda by Ashley Trice). I live in district one and Fred Richardson does not represent anyone that I know.  I would like to say that Mr. Richardson’s behavior is just buffoonery were it not for the damage he is doing.  In the 34 years I have lived in Mobile now is the best chance the city has to move forward, and by all appearances Fred wants none of it.  In some parts of the world if someone has earned disdain or ridicule, folks take off their sandals and fling it at them.  The next time Fred gets on a rant at a council meeting, flinging moon pies would be appropriate. 

You and the Lagniappe staff are doing a great job of journalism.   

My thanks,
Larry Floyd

Editor’s Note: Lagniappe does not condone nor promote the flinging of anything at
Councilman Richardson.