Summer break may have come to an end but the heat is still here. Boozie is ready for those first crisp nights of fall, but until then I will sweat it out to gather y’all that tasty gossip you thirst for. So grab a cold one and kick back and enjoy.

Taking my talents to South Beach
Did you hear there was a man in Mobile this past week on his way to set a Guinness World Record? Well, in case you missed it, Boozie ran into Allie Stevens downtown and got a chance to hear his story.

It was an inspiring one compared to my own, unless you aspire to be a table dancer or the last person to leave the bar. Anyhow, Allie is making a rickshaw walk from Oceanside, California, to Miami, Florida.

(Photo/ Boozie Spy) Allie Stevens is walking a rickshaw from coast to coast  for cancer awareness and is currently in Mobile County.

(Photo/ Boozie Spy) Allie Stevens is walking a rickshaw from coast to coast for cancer awareness and is currently in Mobile County.

He started his long walk after losing his wife and daughter to cancer. A cancer survivor himself, he began his walk on Sept. 13, 2009. With him travels his dog, Roxy, who rides on the 400-pound rickshaw he pulls. This isn’t Allie’s first attempt at a rickshaw walk but this has been his longest yet. Allie is making the long walk for God and to raise awareness of cancer.

Boozie only got to chat for a few minutes because time was ticking on the parking meter (I’m pretty sure the parking meter maids hide behind trees waiting for the screen to flash red to give you a ticket), but if you see his colorful rickshaw on the streets of Mobile or Baldwin counties, be sure to stop and say hello.

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now
The Wharf’s fourth annual Top of the Hops beer festival was this past weekend and Boozie hears it was hoppin’. Get it? Hops, hoppin’? Anyway, it was a good turnout, probably close to 700 people despite the lack of sunny skies and bathrooms. Yep, there was a lack of bathrooms, someone didn’t think that one through.

(Photo/ Boozie Spy)

(Photo/ Boozie Spy)

Allegedly, there were only eight portalets. Eight! You do the math on that, about 700 people and eight rented relievers.

Boozie hears the lines weren’t bad until everyone had a few, but by 5:30 p.m. the wait was at least 30 minutes. Finally the crew realized there was a problem and told attendees if they still had their paper ticket they could leave to go use the bathrooms in the parking garage, but that didn’t make much of difference in the long lines.

One positive thing was that they didn’t run out of beer! And Boozie hears there were two guys making a beer run, literally. They had cups of beer in their pockets and waistline as they made a run for the gate.

Friday night O’Daly’s hosted University of South Alabama’s College of Medicine Habitat for Humanity (campus chapter) cornhole tournament. Boozie hears it was crowded and as many as 16 teams entered. The winner was awarded $100, which I’m sure never made it beyond the bar. Some of the teams came up with interesting names, very interesting indeed. Challengers included “Sit on My Face,” “Team Slay” (second place winners) and Boozie’s favorite, “Unicornhole.” Creative and charitable, USA Med School! Way to go!

Billy Bob in the house
Oscar and Golden Globe award winner and Angelina Jolie-ex Billy Bob Thornton played at Soul Kitchen on Sunday, Aug. 16, along with his band The Boxmasters. My spies said the star was looking very “lean” and the band looked very hot (in more ways than one) all dressed up in black suits and ties. We hear the crowd was great and Thornton was very gracious, posing for pics with many folks. Nashville band and Callaghan’s faves Los Colognes opened up for them.

Lights, camera, action
Boozie has noticed a new flick being filmed around the Port City. No, it’s not Nic Cage’s movie “Indianapolis.” The spies and I tried hard to figure out what it could be, but ran into a dead end because at the time my “inside guy” was not able to officially disclose anything. Annoying, I know. How am I supposed to share the goods with y’all if I can’t get them?

That spy might be the next on the chopping block. But this is what I have: Thursday afternoon there were lots of Enterprise trucks around Cunningham Bounds, they were parked along the road on both Macy Place and Monterey Street with lots of tents. Then Friday around lunch the movie crew had made its way to Café 615. The big trucks clogged Dearborn and no one seemed to notice the large group of people, the tents or the cameras except Boozie!

No word if Nappie winner and Champangel Avril was there pouring bottomless champagne for the stars.

Boozie also spotted a limo at the Battle House. Coincidence? I think not! Or actually, yeah it could be. I will keep you updated on all of the Hollywood sightings in our own L.A.

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ rickshaw lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!