Editor’s Note: Lagniappe and Page and Palette teamed up for the “Ridiculously Good Life Essay Contest.” This contest is part of Page and Palette’s 2nd Annual Bay Jubilee, which will be held on Friday, Nov. 14 at the Christian Life Center in Fairhope. This year’s speaker will be Nick Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs, but despite his disabilities, he says he has had “a ridiculously good life.” So we asked people in our area to tell us what makes their own life “ridiculously good?”

Today, we present the third place winner, Jonathan Jones.

"Ridiculously Good Life Essay Contest" third place winner, Jonathan Jones, and his wife Monica.

“Get back on your feet. Today may have knocked you down, but remember an amazing day is coming tomorrow, and today will be the past.” These are the words I envision my grandpa telling me when I face the trials of life. That is why my grandpa, Lewis Jones, is my inspiration for living a ridiculously good life. His attitude toward life and the lessons he taught, have left a lasting impression on me. Although he left me after what seemed like a short time together, the influence of his life has made me seek out a good life. He made it clear that life will throw trials at you, but it is how you face those trials that will ultimately shape your life. In life, my grandpa had challenges with his family, finances, and health; He took on each issue with a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

Remembering his strength, helps me face my trials and tribulations. I stand strong. A smile on my face, and knowing God is guiding me, I know these trials will not ruin my life. I will face them with my head held high, and watch them disappear. If not for my grandpa and his lessons, I would be a man trying to find purpose and joy in life. I thank God for the guidance of my grandfather. He showed me what a good life really looked like. Thanks to his example, I am living one ridiculously good life.