Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and got so tired of your friends, family and/or kids that you were actually happy to come back to work or send them back to work. Who knew how peaceful sitting in your home and/or office alone could be?

But for those of you missing festivity, fear not, we only have a few short weeks before Senior Bowl and the Gras, so take this opportunity to rest. Your liver will thank you for it on Ash Wednesday. I promise.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to get ahead of myself here.

Before we can start taking about the NFL and Carnival, we have other business from last year to attend to, so let’s button all that up. Shall we?

NYE shenanigans

The Village People performed at the “MoonPie Over Mobile” event in dowtown on New Year’s Eve, but Boozie’s spies say at least one member wasn’t too impressed with Mobile.

The Village People performed at the “MoonPie Over Mobile” event in dowtown on New Year’s Eve, but Boozie’s spies say at least one member wasn’t too impressed with Mobile.

The MoonPie over Mobile event drew thousands to downtown Mobile this New Year’s Eve, although apparently we do not have a firm number on that, much to Councilman Fred Richardson’s chagrin. But my spies said it looked like “a lot of people.” Sounds scientific enough for me.

They came down to not only have a nibble of the “World’s Largest MoonPie” and a sip (or is it a nip?) of MoonPie Moonshine, but also to see disco legend Evelyn Champagne King and The Village People.

Miss King and her band arrived a day early and hit up at least one karaoke bar downtown. Rumor has it, it was The Flip Side. Though no word yet on what they sang.

We also hear that though they put on a good show, the Indian from the Village People was kind of an “a-hole.” Everyone knows the biker dude is the heart of the Village People. I guess we now know who the behind is.

“He was dissing Mobile a bit and said something about being here before and not finding our city to be that great. When Mardi Gras was mentioned he stated that he would only go to New Orleans. The rest of the band was in the background looking amazed and pissed,” my spy said.

We hear the makers of the MoonPie Moonshine had a huge party in the presidential suite of the Battle House Hotel, with fireworks watching off their private balcony. They had member of the Jim Beam family with them and were serving up MoonPie Shine with a variety of mixers. They were having a good time and had nice things to say about Mobile. So there, VPI!

We hear the award for the best-dressed major corporate sponsor went to the folks from Austal, who “were dressed to the nines.”

Getting in on the fun was of course Councilman Fred Richardson, who is credited with starting the event, Mayor Sandy Stimpson and First Lady Jean, and other members of the City Council.

Once again, Fred and Sandy cut the world’s largest MoonPie, as if they had just gotten married. I demand they shove a piece in each other’s mouths next year. They all also participated in a second line. Sweet as Banana MoonPie MoonShine! Try saying that three times fast.

Order of Pan Scoop

One of Mobile’s newest all-inclusive Mardi Gras organizations The Order of Pan gave party-goers an “Out of this World” way to say farewell to 2014. Held at the Government Plaza atrium, tables were draped in blue with white flowers and silver accents. One party goer said they had never seen Government Plaza look so lovely.

But I hear the backdrop was the showstopper of the night. Featuring characters from Star Wars it truly made you feel out of this world.

The Pranicng Elites did two numbers with a costume change in between.

My spies also offered up these tidbits:

Nappie Award winner for Best Drag Queen Performer, Miss Jawakatema Davenport, who was rocking a fur ensemble, looked fabulous.

One costume brought a whole new meaning to business in the front, party in the back. A reveler in the tableau had an ornate costume going to mid-thigh in front and provided posterior exposure in the back.  Laissez les bon temps rouler, indeed.

We even hear Flash Gordon and a yellow alien were spotted.

Breaking bad

The GoDaddy.com Bowl Mayor’s Luncheon was again a big hit as a huge crowd gathered for grub in the Convention Center. The day’s guest speaker was former Washington Redskin QB and Lawrence Taylor plaything Joe Theismann.

Known for many things — NFL MVP, Super Bowl Champion, one of the most gruesome career-ending injuries ever captured on TV — Theismann had lots to brag about, but his speech was mostly about keeping your humility. To whit he told a number of stories about his most embarrassing failures on the big stage, getting lots of laughs.

He also told a story that’s bumped around football circles for years — that his last name originally was pronounced THEEZ-man, not THIGHS-man, but was changed by Notre Dame’s publicity team in college to help in his bid to win the Heisman Trophy. They figured the rhyme would work. It didn’t, but the pronunciation stuck.

The lunch was accompanied by a rather continuous breaking of dishes around the room, as servers attempted to get everyone fed. It even earned a comment from Theismann.

Speaking of Go Daddy Bowl, the title sponsor’s spokesperson NASCAR driver Danica Patrick was in town for the parade, game and festivities. And local hairstylist and Nappie Award winner Phrankey Lowery did her hair for the events. He said she was the “easiest” client he has ever had.

“She sat down and said do whatever you want,” he said, adding she was very nice.

Well it was a pretty hair-raising game. I know, I know. I’m sorry that was bad. Forgive me.

They can’t take our freedom or shots

Small Zoo was playing at Traders and an intoxicated man with a British or Scottish accent was dancing in front of the band and making requests. He later got up on the bar to dance, even though you cannot stand on the bar! He was helped down by friends and while talking to the band, they realized he sounded just like Mel Gibson in “Braveheart.” 

So the band made a request and he accepted.  He took the mic and yelled to the crowd, “They may take our lives, but they can never take OUR FREEDOM!” Laughter and high fives all around.  

Just asking…

Which councilperson’s recent appointee to a city board may have gotten a look at others’ ink while in the clink?

Well kids, that’s all I got this time. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Indian hatin’, I will be there. Ciao!