I have a strange addiction to “Stranger Things” on Netflix. I think it’s safe to say binge-watching is an addiction. So addicting that most of Boozie’s weekend consisted of sitting around binge-watching TV. Ahh, I know, so lame, but if y’all aren’t partying like usual then I need to relax and catch up on my shows.

Of course, Saturday consisted of all things football. Football, beer, dip, repeat. Then Sunday, it was “Stranger Things,” snack, repeat. You might laugh, but Boozie couldn’t watch too many episodes of “Stranger Things” without getting scared. But you know what was scarier? The fact that Boozie’s spies decided they would take it easy this past weekend as well but they did manage to scrounge up a few things. While I correct the spies’ behavior, y’all catch up on this week’s gossip!

Wine and dine
This past weekend The Wharf in Orange Beach held its Uncorked Food and Wine Festival. Let’s just say, after hearing what my one faithful spy had to say, I won’t be missing this event next year.

I hear it was a beautiful evening and the event was a hit. I mean, can it get much better than wine and Alabama seafood?

With more than 100 labels of wine to sample as well as a variety of food, my spy said it was your own fault if you left hungry. Her favorites happened to be two of Boozie’s favorite foods, oysters and seared tuna. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And then, adding a perfectly paired wine? Can can you say “heaven?”

Ice, ice, baby
Hip hip hooray, Riverside Ice is returning to downtown Mobile! Boozie knows a lot of people were not for it the first go-around, but maybe all this warm weather we are having will melt their icy hearts. Haha, see what I did there.

Any who, Boozie hit the rink last year before going to dinner and let’s just say I wasn’t as good as I remembered being from ice skating back in the day with the Mobile Mystics. But this year, I’m thinking I am going to be looking like Michelle Kwan out there. Practice makes perfect, right?

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus
Boozie does not get into politics, as the only ticket she could ever really get behind is one with Daniels and Beam on it, as in Jack and Jim. But some of my spies did send me this sign spotted on the way to Dauphin Island. It seems our almighty God has chosen Donald Trump for president. Sources say Jesus and Mary are expected to announce their endorsements early next month.

(Photo | Boozie Spy) One of Boozie’s spies spotted this on the way to Dauphin island. Pretty big endorsement for Trump!

(Photo | Boozie Spy) One of Boozie’s spies spotted this on the way to Dauphin island. Pretty big endorsement for Trump!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Trump lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!