The supermoon on Sunday must have had people feeling the love this past weekend because the spies saw things with their eyes they couldn’t unsee, and we thank those misbehavers! If you missed the effects of the moon because your boat was in the shop, no worries, the Boozester has you covered. So grab your life jacket and wade on into my delicious gulf of gossip!

Rocking the boat
Love was in the air, or should I say in the water. One of my spies reported a couple who looked to be in their 40s gettin’ it on in Gulf Shores.

My spy said the couple came down to the beach carrying oars and an inflated boat. They rowed way out and let the current carry them back in. Boozie doesn’t know what was said out there but it must have been steamy, because once the boat hit land they abandoned it and took to the water, holding hands. Once in chest deep water, the make-out session began. Boozie’s spy said this wasn’t just a kiss, it was a serious hour-long make-out session.

Then the couple headed up to the condo pool and still couldn’t get enough of each other. The gal sat in the guy’s lap on the stairs in the shallow end.
We hear fish and small children who witnessed their actions will most definitely be scarred for life, and our intrepid spy is considering filing a workers comp claim. Go to your condo, people. That’s what it’s there for!

Mayors get their Maritime on
We are hearing the gala to celebrate the opening of the new GulfQuest museum last Thursday night was swank-a-doodle-doo. All of the area politicos were in attendance looking pretty hot in their cocktail attire, including the city’s last three mayors — Dow, Jones and Stimpson — who posed for a pic together, all displaying a thumbs-up.

My spies have reported the facility was well worth the wait, and we’ve heard it described numerous times as a “world class museum.” We also heard the fireworks show at the end of the gala Thursday night was “world class” as well. So much so that people were going nuts on Facebook trying to figure out what was going on downtown. One not-so-eloquent spy described them as “amazeballs” and said they bested the city’s Fourth of July fireworks, and even the New Year’s Eve MoonPie Drop ones! Gasp! Sorry, Fred! Can’t wait to check out the museum.

Oyster lovin’
The deck outside was packed with diners at The Bluegill last Friday night, who were enjoying the band JERI. One older couple got up and danced and that gave others the confidence to get up and do the same.

One woman was dancing with her daughter when her husband stepped in and spun her around a few times. The song ended and they headed back to the table. But instead of mom taking her seat in her chair, she decided to plop down in her husband’s lap. Once settled there, she got a little affectionate, rubbing the dad’s shoulders and even slipping him a few kisses. Awww! How sweet! I guess the oysters were kicking in!

And they weren’t the only ones having a good time. A little girl about 3 years old emerged onto the dance floor and stole the show. The band played Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart,” and this evidently wasn’t the first time the little girl had heard the song. She danced the whole time — singing almost all the words — then even returned to tip the band. The cuteness meter was off the charts!

Newly appointed Mobile County License Commissioner Nick Matranga was seen at the Mellow Mushroom in MiMo Monday dining with his predecessor Kim Hastie and District 104 Rep. Margie Wilcox. Hastie’s hubby John was also present.

No word on whether they were carving up WeMo’s political pie, or just a Magical Mystery Tour with extra cheese.

Ten Sixty Five
So BayFest is unfortunately no more, but thankfully someone picked up the slack and has come up with a plan. Ten Sixty Five will be a free music festival held downtown with two stages and a handful of bands. The headliner is George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, who was scheduled to play at Bayfest.

There are also some locals who are going to perform at Ten Sixty Five, including Kristy Lee, Grayson Capps, Eric Erdman and Jamell Richardson. And they promise some announcements as well. It can’t be easy to plan a music festival in just two weeks. Someone call Guinness and see if that’s a record. And then someone bring me a Guinness. Yum!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ beach blanket lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!