Daphne City Council District 5 member Ron Scott announced his candidacy for reelection to the Daphne City Council. Scott, a longtime resident of Daphne, was first elected to the post in August 2004 and is asking for support from District 5 residents as he seeks to continue serving the City for another term.

Daphne City Councilman Ron Scott  with his wife, Linda, and dog, Roxy. (Ron Scott campaign photo)

Daphne City Councilman Ron Scott with his wife, Linda, and dog, Roxy. (Ron Scott campaign photo)

During the past term, Councilman Scott has overseen a number of projects for the city. Most notably, he was instrumental in working with the Lake Forest POA and city leaders to create Daphne Central Park. After months of negotiations, the long term lease of the “Lake Nine” golf course on Lake Shore Drive created a 33-acre public park for residents to enjoy, complete with a disc golf course, walking trails, and plenty of open green space.

Scott has also been proud to support other projects benefitting his district, including over $12 million in infrastructure improvements for the Lake Forest community, improved parking and landscaping at Gator Alley, an increase in public safety personnel, and a $9 million reduction in Daphne’s municipal debt.

Looking forward, Scott hopes to win his reelection bid to continue supporting many items currently on the Council’s agenda, including the proposed improvements to the City’s recreational facilities, city-wide expansion of sidewalks, expansion of the amenities offered at Daphne Central Park, and the adoption of adaptive signalization along Highway 98 in Daphne.

When asked about running for another term, Councilman Scott was enthusiastic about continuing the projects he has supported.

“I have truly enjoyed serving on the City Council,” Scott said, “and I am excited to continue my involvement at such a pivotal time for Daphne, to grow in a healthy and productive way.”

Citizens can support Ron Scott by voting in the Daphne Municipal election on Aug. 23 at the Daphne Civic Center.

A graduate from University of Georgia, Ron received a B.A. degree with a major in political science.

His wife, Linda Scott, is a successful artist and businesswoman and is active in the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce.

As a former walk-on football player in the Southeastern Conference, Ron understands the need for teamwork and cooperation between all local, state and federal agencies.

Ron’s campaign committee, Friends of Ron Scott, can be reached at 133 Lake Shore Drive.