Rebecca Roubion Album Release Show
Sunday, May 1 at 7 p.m.
The Merry Widow, 51 S. Conception St.,
Tickets: $5, available at the door and through Ticket Fly

Mobile’s Rebecca Roubion has been productively making her mark on Nashville’s music scene, penning and performing her songs as Music City’s indie scene began to grow. However, Roubion has never forgotten her home, and visits Mobile frequently. For this performance, she will be featuring her debut LP.

With her EPs, Roubion took her listening audience through “Fields” and “Forests” and shown them “Christmas Lights.” Now she will be giving them “Sleepless Nights.” Roubion enlisted Cage the Elephant’s guitarist, Lincoln Parish, as producer. According to a recent news release, Parish had a mission for Roubion’s sound.

“My goal for this record is to have her identity on it, but for people to be like, ‘Oh, this is a Rebecca Roubion record? I wasn’t expecting that!’” Parish said.

“Sleepless Nights” is a perfect representation of the current state of Roubion’s artistic journey even as she maintains her trademark sound. Her past releases have been impressive and sometimes notable for their instrumental minimalism. But for “Sleepless Nights,” Roubion filled the studio with guest artists such as the Wallflowers’ Rami Jaffee, Band of Horses’ Bill Reynolds and Cage the Elephant’s Jared Champion. All these elements have resulted in a collection of lighthearted romps and seductive grooves that can only be Roubion’s.