Well it’s happening. The week when the largest men in America (NFL coaches and staff) walk the downtown streets among the smallest men in America (Mobile lawyers). I’m just teasing you my legal peeps, kind of. It’s our French heritage. I blame Napoleon. Or I guess Bienville or D’Iberville. Hey, we may be short in stature, but we are long in gossip.

NFL sightings get goin’

On Sunday night, as the AFC and NFC championship games were playing, I started to get my first reports of NFL sightings. Though my spy did not specify who they were, apparently Wintzell’s had quite a few including the Ryan Brothers, Rex (Jets) and Rob (Saints). We hear the Ryans were also at Veet’s. If the Boozester could have one drinky-poo with any of them it would be Rex Ryan fo’ sho’!

Other sightings during their arrival reception at a Royal Street hotel, include council president and University of Florida alum Gina Gregory doing her beloved Gator Chomp with Mobile’s own Soloman Patton, a WR and fellow UF alum as well as OG Jon Halapia. I can also report she got “really cozy” with a delicious-looking man with peanut butter filling and mesmerizing blue eyes, known simply as Cuppy. Watch out Gregory. Boozie will fight you for this one.

Getting even fancier, Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson dined with Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. Maybe the mayor can give co-publisher Rob Holbert a little insight about what’s going on with his beloved Cowboys, who he has stuck with through thick and thin. Apparently, the mayor also got cozy with Cuppy, who Boozie has been in love with for 31 years and 3 months and 6 days, so back off Stimpson and Gregory!

We went to press just as all the folks were really getting in to town, so all of my spies have yet to file their reports, check back in next issue for the complete report from all their usual haunts, Veet’s, Wintzells, Heroes, Callaghan’s, Serda’s, The Bull, Bike Shop, Garage and pretty much any other establishment I have missed. And just FYI guys, Chantilly’s got mowed down.

‘Bama designer goes “Under the Gunn”

Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” fame has a new series on Lifetime television where he has up-and-coming designers tutored by fashion industry instructors and/or previous “Project Runway” winners or contestants. One of the aspiring designers is Melissa Grimes, who the show said was from Birmingham, but that is just where she lives now. She is a Semmes girl, so quit trying to claim our people, B’ham. The first episode, which aired last week, had the “mentors” choosing their teams. And our girl was robbed as she was eliminated in the very first episode! Robbed, I say!

She made the coolest polka dot ensemble that Boozie can just see herself wearing with a hat at the KOR reception, while drinking copious amounts of bourbon and water. I mean, seriously, one of the selected designers’ dresses looked like a ripped up garbage bag. Another looked like Liberace’s personal tailor made it. Another was a bomber jacket with a lumberjack plaid body and polka dot sleeves (Seriously? Puke!).

Not to mention some hideous gold number that looked like Dionne Warwick probably wore it when she was talking to her Psychic Friends while hosting “Solid Gold.” Perhaps if Grimes had vomited on it or added a tutu made out of puppy skins, it would have been avant-garde enough for these game show judges. If you would like to wear something other than garbage bags, you can check out Grimes’ exquisite designs on the company she co-founded’s Facebook page, three07. And, girl, you need to open a shop in your homeland!

Klappy Klirthday Klee

Our dear arts/associate editor Kevin Lee, who we affectionately dub as Klee around here, celebrated his 50th birthday on Jan. 11 at the historic Gulf City Lodge. The cool classic juke joint feel of the lodge accompanied by the jazzy stylings of the John Milham Collective made for the perfect setting for the co-founder of the Mystic Order of Jazz Obsessed’s celebration.

Surrounded by an eclectic group of folks who all call him a friend, the Kleester said a few kleartfelt words before blowing out his klandles — saying this party was really for all of the guests there who had all helped him or been a significant influence on his life. The Boozester can report, there were some misty eyes in the room, or as we would say, klisty.

But enough sap. You want the good stuff. We are told he was handed cocktail after cocktail, and it would be rude to say no, right? That’s what Boozie always says anyway. Later, we hear the party moved to the Haberdasher and well, let’s just say Klee felt a little Kleasy. And I’m not talking about Sleazy or Easy. What’s that old saying? It’s not a party until someone throws up. We wish much love to our Kleester and can’t wait for the next big klirthday klash.

Well, kids, that’s all I got this issue. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Cuppy lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!