Photo / Boozie Spy

Runners filled the streets of Mobile on Sunday, January 13, for L’Arche’s First Light Marthon, including this BaCo resident, who was running her 58th race.


Are you still going to the gym? How is that whole keto thing working out for you? I am not even going to ask about Dry January. I know there is no way you can make it a whole month with no booze.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not rooting against you. I am just rooting for more gossip. And January, much like Lent, always makes my job harder with all of these good intentions flying around everywhere. But don’t worry, I managed to scoop up a little bit of gossip from a place where all you healthy folk congregate and run together for 26 miles. Apparently, it is called a marathon. So lace up your running shoes and read your way to the finish line. Make sure to hydrate!

It’s not a sprint

On Sunday, Jan. 13, healthy people from all over the world gathered to run together up and down the streets of Mobile for 26 miles in L’Arche’s First Light Marathon. The weather was a little chilly but kept the runners cool. One participant was running in her 58th marathon, despite recently having knee surgery. So what’s your excuse?

I don’t have one — I just don’t run. I consider day drinking a marathon.

Anyway, one local photographer got quite surprised by these speedy folks. As she was trying to get the perfect engagement shots of one lovely couple on Spring Hill College’s iconic Avenue of the Oaks, runner after runner came passing by, ruining her shot. Yikes! Hopefully she has Photoshop!

Also, Mobile City Councilman John Williams was spot-

ted accompanying the runners for at least one leg of the race. No word on if he kissed any babies but since babies can’t run, we are guessing not.

Anyway, we hear the turnout was great, and we hope it raised oodles of money for this great cause.

Dance of the white pelicans

There have been numerous sightings of white pelicans in our area waters lately. One clip from Dauphin Island made its way around social media but First Light marathon runners also reported seeing them in the water at Munici- pal Park. These birds are gorgeous. They almost look like swans and they do this rhythmic thing (as scientists would describe it) while they are feeding that almost looks like ballet. I heard they were still in the park on Tuesday, so go see them before they fly away. They are really cool.

The world according to …

Mobile’s reigning “Quintessential Mobilian” (as de- termined by the readers of Lagniappe in the 2018 Nappie Awards), the fabulous Mizz Suzanne Cleveland, had a spe- cial show at The Listening Room last weekend titled “The World According to Suzanne Cleveland.” She imparted her wisdom to the crowd, including this gem: “When one door closes, another one opens, but it’s the hallway that’s the bitch.” There was music by Amelia White and I’m told the night was most definitely quintessentially Mobile.

Well kids, that’s all I got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or some plain ol’ marathon lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!