Spring is in the air! Or rather, it’s pollen that’s taking over everything. It’s a battle you can’t win. You can clean all the pollen off everything, then bam! It’s back … Thank the Lord for the rain on Saturday that washed some of it away. At one point all the water in the gutter was yellow — gross. Even though I hate pollen this time of year, I do love the other things that come along with it, like sleeveless shirts, crawfish, beer and sunshiny days! So soak up the sunshine and absorb this week’s satisfying gossip!

Trail of Azaleas
You know what happens when you get old? Your spies start running races instead of doing bar crawls, and at the rate of this conversion I might just have to see what it’s all about! I’ve never been against a few morning beers; of course, I’ve just never earned them like they did.

This past Saturday was the 40th annual Azalea Trail Run and my spies said the after party was were it was at, with all the Michelob Ultra and fun you could want! Not to mention that the beers were custom and said RUN DONE. BEER NOW. That’s not all: There were post-race massages and a full Motown band! Starting to sound like my kind of party!

Oh yeah, and I think some people ran the race really fast and received some medals but that’s not really Boozie’s department.

Musical block
Saturday night downtown Mobtown was hopping and jamming. Within a block of each there were three concerts going on, yes, three! Soul Kitchen, The Steeple and the Saenger all had concerts in full swing.

Soul Kitchen had Jeezy with opener Lil Durk. As is the case with most rappers, the concert started late, but Boozie is told it was worth the wait. At one point Jeezy hopped off the stage and into the crowd. Those on the front row were some lucky fans!

Around the corner The Steeple was rocking to tunes of the White Animals at the UMS Class of ‘85 Birthday Bash, which was open to public. Though the band might not ring a bell with everyone, those in their 40s and 50s know exactly who I’m talking about because they played all over the Southeast back in their high school and college days. As always, the White Animals had the crowd singing and dancing all night long! Also, the White Animals were spotted dining at Rooster’s before the show!

Then, down the street at the Saenger was the one and only reggae, beatboxer and alternative rock artist Matisyahu! Everyone was up front at the stage moving and grooving. Boozie had personally never seen people so close at the Saenger but I have no problem with it. My spy said the concert was one of the best she’s been to.

Tenderness indeed
Some of you might remember back in October 2016 when I told y’all about local musician Johnny Hayes trying out for NBC’s “The Voice.” Or some of you might be like me and can’t remember what they had for lunch. But anyway, Johnny Hayes is back in action! In 2016, he had no chairs turn around in the blind auditions for “The Voice,” but that was not the case this time! Not only did he have one chair turn but he had two, both Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani turned within just a few verses of Johnny’s audition song, “Try a Little Tenderness.”

By the time his audition was over the whole audience, including Adam, were on their feet moving to the groove. Adam and Gwen both tried their best to persuade Johnny to join their team and in the end Johnny picked Adam to be his coach!

Next up for the Mobile local was the battle rounds on Monday night, in which he killed it and is now headed to the next round! All the coaches had nothing but good things to say and were wondering how they let him get away the season before. Keep it up, we’re all cheering you on, Johnny!

OK, so this isn’t my typical celeb spotting but I thought you might like to know who was spotted at one of Boozie’s favorite places to people watch, the Flora-Bama. Of course you always see interesting things, but I think these take the cake. First up, Santa. My spy says she swore Santa was seen that night. I guess Santa is snowbird too! Then my spy said she also saw the curliest mullet ever, then to top it all off she saw a bride in her wedding dress (yes inside the Flora-Bama), all in one night!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ azalea lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!