I think I jinxed us. I was so braggy last week about the great weather and then poof, it was gone. I mean it wasn’t horrible this past weekend but it certainly wasn’t all sunshine and unicorns. I guess everyday can’t be perfect — we wouldn’t appreciate the good ones, if we didn’t have a few bad ones. So until we get that giant ball of fire in the sky back, enjoy Boozie’s Nues and pretend like you have a cold one in hand and toes in the sand or while jamming to the band. OK, I will stop.  

Run through this Tunnel of Love
Hundreds of folks laced up their sneakers and oiled their jogging strollers to participate in the Lions Club 5K Tunnel Run on Saturday, April 30. This run is really neat because you not only get to run through the Bankhead Tunnel but also on a lane of the Causeway, with a view of the bay and the Battleship.  

The weather was a little overcast but that actually ended up being good for the runners. They did confirm, however, the run up the hill in the tunnel is tougher than it looks.

The race began at the downtown library and ended at Café Del Rio, where the runners were treated to celebratory breakfast beers and tacos while the fabulous Fat Man Squeeze provided great tunes.

I am told this group of “athletes” enjoyed the brewskies so much that the new president of the Lions Club had to use the power of his office to authorize more kegs. That’s the kind of swift and decisive leadership Boozie likes in a prez!

Congrats to organizers for another great event for a great cause (the Lions Club Sight Programs)!

Local Goodness indeed
On Sunday, May 1, Mobilians headed to the very last event at the Alabama Cruise Terminal before it closes to undergo renovations to transform back into, well, a cruise terminal again.

The third annual Local Goodness dinner and silent auction, benefiting USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital, once again did not disappoint.. Featuring local meats and produce prepared by Bay Gourmet Catering, the spread was impressive. I’m told the pulled pork and shrimp cocktail were crowd favorites, as were the signature drinks called Fat Man Squeezes, named after the band playing the event. (Those guys (and gal) were everywhere this weekend!) The FMS was a play on a mint julep and I’m told it went down very smoothly.

In addition to the tasty food and drinks, USA executives and event organizers reminded the crowd of the great work the hospital does for the community and touched on some of the new technology they have brought into the area.

The sweetest moment of the night was when one local family told their story and their journey with everyone at the hospital. Their daughter was a former patient at the hospital when she was a newborn and is now a gorgeous 10-year-old. There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience as she told the crowd her story and broke down as she described how she felt the hospital was like a family to her. Love!

My spies did report one bit of drama. Apparently someone fainted during the blessing. But luckily the room was full of doctors and the person was reportedly fine. Perhaps they hadn’t eaten all day, saving up for all the good eats?

Anyway, looking forward to the event next year. They are seeking a new home for it, but I’m sure it will be fabulous no matter where it ends up.

Two things that don’t mix well are alcohol and politics. Or actually, maybe they do. Either way, up in Huntsville they have found a way to bring the two together. Nobody loves a scandal more than Boozie, except maybe the Salty Nut Brewery with the announcement of its new beer, Unimpeachable Pale Ale!

I am sure you’re wondering what this has to do with Boozie’s gossip all the way down in south ‘Bama but let me tell you, these guys are clever. Their new beer idea came from none other than Gov. Robert Bentley and his fling with Rebekah Mason.

Everyone has heard the story so I won’t waste your time. But Salty Nut took it to the next level. Its new beer’s label features a cartoon man that looks like Bentley standing with his arms around a large very peach, pulling it in real close. Just the way he likes it. Ha! There are so many things in Alabama politics that should make us all weep, so thanks for the laugh, Salty Nut. Boozie plans on buying a case or two!

Newest Lagniappe team member
Welcome to the world, Joan Kolbe Liesch, the gorgeous baby girl of Lagniappe reporter Dale Liesch and his wife, Hillary. Miss Liesch arrived on Tuesday, May 3, weighing in at just over 8 pounds. All are healthy and happy! Congrats, guys!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Bentley beer lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!