Band: The Bush League
Date: Saturday, Sept. 9, 9 p.m.
Venue: The Blues Tavern, 2818 Government Blvd.,
Tickets: Free

The Bush League’s impressive blues style took form 10 years ago in Richmond, Virginia. Bassist Royce Folks and vocalist “JohnJay” Cecil molded Hill Country, rock, soul and gospel into a single form called “RVA Blues.” Next, they brought guitarist Brad Moss and drummer Wynton Davis into the fold, combining old school with new school sounds. Together, this quartet began to shape the RVA Blues and showcase their trademark sound through extensive touring.

When the band arrives in Mobile, The Bush League will give the Blues Tavern audience a shot of “Moonshine,” the latest single from this eclectic Virginia outfit. A strolling foundation of classic rock ‘n’ roll introduces the track. The riff is met with a grooving drumbeat and soulful vocals that take the track in an aural tangent into the blues world.

This song should be an instant favorite with locals, and The Bush League’s stellar live show should win them many new fans.