Band: Ryan Balthrop album release party
Date: Saturday, June 11, at 9 p.m.
Venue: The Brickyard, 266 Dauphin St., 251-219-6488
Tickets: Call for more info.

Ryan Balthrop’s fans have been waiting patiently for his newest effort, and the local artist will use The Brickyard as the launching point for “Fall Together.” For an album he says is about transition, Balthrop opted to enter Mobile-based Studio H2O to lay down tracks with Rick Hirsch (Wet Willie).

“It tells a story about getting out of the past and into the present, to fall in love and raise a family in the midst of all the unrest in the world,” Balthrop said.

“Fall Together” definitely shows that a sonic transition has taken place in Balthrop’s sound. The singer-songwriter’s previous work seemed to maintain a certain groove mixing funk and blues with Southern overtones. While songs such as “Don’t Be Shoppin’” and “The System” maintain that aural vibe, Balthrop shows his love for country sounds in a majority of the tracks on “Fall Together.” Even though this might be a slight departure from his previous sound, Balthrop’s new work — thematically and musically — should not disappoint listeners.