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It’s been a busy, busy week for the Boozester. Lots of things coming across the gossip wire. Lots! So I’m not going to waste your time or mine with a meaningless introduction. Nope, we are just  going to dive right on in headfirst on this one. Won’t you join me?

Always wear the good pair

Whenever one decides to “Get Geodesic” out on the Causeway, strange things are bound to happen. A couple of Boozie’s spies had an exciting experience at Traders this past Friday evening that just goes to show it ALWAYS pays to wear your good panties.

My spies said as they were enjoying the ‘70s jams being provided by the band Small Zoo, a woman in her 60s was reliving her 20s. Dancing wildly and swinging her hair around, she was a one-woman party. Unfortunately as the evening wore on, the alcohol got the best of her. Soon she was arguing with the lead singer, wandering around the bar making incoherent statements and, at one point, even charging through a closed office door and falling flat. She and her large, tank-top-sporting bohunk were eventually asked to leave.

As my spies left the crazy dome, they noticed a couple of people wrestling around in the dirt driveway near the highway. “It was them,” one spy said. “And he was trying to get her up off the ground.” By the time my spies drove by, the couple was staggering through a ditch near the road, with the man holding up his lovely lady. For her part, she was “Pooh Bearin’” hard, wearing nothing but her shirt and a pair of the saddest, saggiest light blue panties in existence, and no shoes.

My spies said the two (thankfully) appeared to have no vehicle and were on foot. No doubt a treat for all the Causeway motorists.

He Zuckin’ loves it

On Sunday, Facebook founder and bijillionaire Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo of him and his wife, Priscilla, on his Instagram account. The two were attending a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park. This would usually mean absolutely nothing to us, as I am sure the Zuck posts to his many social media platforms every day and they have nothing to do with the Gulf Coast. But the reason this particular post caught the Boozester’s eye is because he was sporting an Alabama Gulf Seafood ball cap. #thanksmark #cool #itisthebestseafood

Presumably, he picked it up when he was here on his tour of America back in February 2017. Hey, we’ll take all the press we can get for the world’s best seafood.


Tropical Storm Gordon came and went. And luckily for Mobile, it was pretty much a non-event, except for the school kids and teachers who managed to get 1.5 days of school off for some reason — lucky!). Anyway, as we watch the monster that is Hurricane Florence barreling toward our coastal friends in the Carolinas, I think we are all pretty thankful Gordo was a bit of a dud.

But he did manage to bring The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore to the area. Cantore stayed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast but that didn’t stop photos of him at the Gulfport airport and on the beach from going viral with folks in our area.

But we don’t need no stinkin’ Cantore, as we have our own awesome weather folks right here in Mobile — with Alan Sealls, Jason Smith and Greg Peterson and their weather teams. One person captured this sentiment by creating a meme of Alan Sealls that read “Jim Cantore? Never heard of her,” which made its way around the interwebs as Mobilians were halfheartedly buying bread and bottled water they knew they probably wouldn’t need. It made the ol’ Boozester chuckle.

In case you didn’t know …

The opera singer Renée Fleming, who is performing with the Mobile Symphony at the Saenger Theatre this week (as this issue is being distributed on Sept. 12), was the singer who brought many to tears with her rendition of “Danny Boy” at Sen. John McCain’s funeral. She has many other accomplishments in her long, storied career, including currently starring in “Carousel” on Broadway, but since this performance at the funeral was recently in the news, just wanted to pass it along in case you had not connected the dots, as I hadn’t until one of my spies told me. So there you go! Hope she has a great crowd!

Well kids, that’s all I got this time. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or some plain ol’ saggy blue panty lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!