The ‘90s was a time of musical evolution. Glam metal gave way to alt. rock, and Dave Matthews Band came along as the era was reaching its plateau. From instrumentation to musical style, the band brought an eclectic dimension to rock. They also exposed many newcomers to the jam scene, which had a cult following at the time.
Dave Matthews Band released “Under the Table and Dreaming” in ‘94, giving the band mainstream attention and launching a string of hit singles. Songs such as “What Would You Say,” “Satellite,” “Ants Marching” and others began to receive heavy airplay worldwide. Meanwhile, Dave Matthews Band established a loyal fan base that has never lost its zeal.

The band has been touring without an opening act, playing two full sets each evening. After this tour concludes, the band will embark on a worldwide tour that takes them to Abu Dhabi and Poland for the first time.

Dave Matthews Band
Date: Tuesday, June 2 with gates at 7 p.m.
Venue: The Amphitheater at The Wharf, 23325 Amphitheater Drive,
Tickets: $65-$75 at the box office and through Ticketmaster