Gobble gobble turns into wobble wobble. Boozie isn’t sure about y’all, but I sure ate my weight in sweet potato casserole and washed it down with just as much alcohol. Boozie is usually pretty thankful for her spies, but not this Thanksgiving. The spies must have had a tryptophan hangover or something because they really didn’t offer me much dish. Shame on them! But they did come up with a little bit of gossip gravy to pour on our leftovers, so dig in!

Welcome to society
The 63rd annual Camellia Ball was this past Wednesday at Fort Whiting and Boozie hears it was the perfect night to be presented to Mob-town society. As always, Fort Whiting was transformed into a beautiful venue with good food and great music.

Boozie was told they had two bands this year, one inside and one outside. The biggest hit outside wasn’t the band, apparently, but rather the grilled oysters. My spy said you had to really get up in there because some people weren’t about to lose their front-row spot at the grill.

Of course I can’t talk about the Camellia Ball without mentioning the dresses and the cocktails, because let’s be real, that’s all people care about. Boozie’s favorite dresses every year are the pale pinks, not the so-pale-pink-it’s-almost-cream and not the ones that are a darker shade of pink, just the perfect shade of pink. The ladies at Something New usually help the debs pick that perfect shade and the perfect dress.

Boozie saved the best for last, the cocktails. Like in years past, they had a signature cocktail, open bar and then Chrissys at the end of the night. But trust me on this, if you drink a lot the night before Turkey Day — at balls or in dive bars or even just while you are making green-bean casserole — that bird does not go down easy. Anyways, congratulations, ladies.

Give me that boot!
Boozie has never taken part in Black Friday but is considering it for next year. Not to get good deals but to people watch. Boozie was told by her Target spy that it was an absolute madhouse. People were running around everywhere and had buggies full of goodies. The line to check out zig-zagged all the way to the back of the store. But my spy managed to get in and out in just 10 minutes. Her secret? I’m not sure. Bribery, perhaps?

But everything was not all sunshine and roses. Boozie heard of a few unhappy shoppers. First. I was told a fight broke out at a bath product store in a local mall. Because fighting over body wash is totally worth it.  

Boozie also heard about a lady at another store who ended up grabbing a hot boot that was on sale, but there was just one problem: it was missing its mate. The lady marched up to the front, one boot in hand, and demanded the cashier help her find the other one. When the cashier told her “in a minute,” she said she would wait right there until the person with the other size 8 tried to check out. No word on what her plans were for the other person, but it sounded sketchy.

Roll Eagle
Ahh, the Iron Bowl, it’s been tearing families and friendships apart since 1893.

Boozie flunked out of junior college for boozing, so she doesn’t have a dog in this fight, but I was happy to see some of our Mobile guys doing so well. The quarterback who led the Crimson Tide to victory is a St. Paul’s grad. And Auburn’s Jason Smith, the player who tipped the ball to himself to run it for a touchdown, is a McGill grad. Way to represent!

Boozie also caught word that former University of Alabama president Judy Bonner was also celebrating another W for the Tide. Ol’ Judy was at the Rusty Nail in New Orleans watching the Iron Bowl. And yes, she was wearing her regular attire of a red jacket. Roll Tide!

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Iron Bowl lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!