There is no better way to celebrate than with seafood, so why not celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Isle Dauphine Club on Saturday, Oct. 6, 6-9 p.m. at 100 Orleans Drive. Locally sourced seafood is the name of the game, along with craft beer and wine, in a walkabout setting as the Dauphin Island Heritage and Arts Council joins forces with the Dauphin Island Property Owners Association to present the island’s second annual Gulf Seafood Gala.

A silent auction of original art will be augmented by live music and displays of vintage photographs from the club’s heyday. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the Isle Dauphine Club is a beautiful example of rare midcentury modern style of architecture here in South Alabama.

Tickets cost $75 per person and are available at or by calling 251-978-5566. Proceeds will benefit the Dauphin Island Arts Council, furthering its mission to promote, provide and preserve the arts and foster cultural enrichment among coastal communities in South Mobile County.

Serda Brewing Co. holds sushi class

First they brought us coffee and gelato. Then came the Screaming Moon Pie shot. Then Serda opened a brewery. Now they are teaching us to make sushi!

On Monday, Sept. 24, 6:30-8:30 p.m. Serda Brewing Co. will transform into a continuing education center where attendees will learn the secrets behind perfect sticky sushi rice and all of the sauces you love.

The two-hour course is the easiest way to learn so you can stop paying a small fortune at the sushi bar and do it all at home. Entertain guests and amaze your friends. Better yet, hone your skills so you can talk smack about restaurants that serve poor quality sushi.

Tuition for the class is $40 and includes two rolls per person, one of which is made by the staff, the other your own handiwork. Tickets are available by contacting Serda Brewing Co. at 251-929-9349.

Fall squash now in stores

We can get just about any kind of produce most days of the year thanks to a global system of transportation and trade, but it’s more fun to eat seasonally. Market shelves are gaining weight with pumpkins and like-minded gourds, gearing up for the impending fall.

Acorn squash is really good right now. I usually halve them, scoop them and roast them with butter, but today I took a different approach. Once halving and scooping was complete, I cut the squash into slices crossways. After painting them with melted butter, I seasoned them with coarse salt, a little black pepper and fresh thyme (don’t bother with the dried for this recipe) and topped the slices with a small amount of Parmesan cheese.

Half an hour in a 400 F. oven was all it took. With fork-tender meat, the tough skin peeled off easily and we paired it with a floral Bordeaux from Mouton Cadet. Good living on the cheap!