Lagniappe’s Aug. 27 edition featured two articles I believe to be related. The first, a letter to the editor entitled “Flashed by the federal government,” describes how the writer went to the Social Security Administration to apply for retirement benefits and had to go to the restroom. Instead of usual men and women signs, she found two unisex bathrooms.

She entered cautiously and immediately “a man turned around shaking his penis — and smiled.” I totally agree with her concern, “What about little girls who unsuspectingly run to those bathrooms, fling open a door and are quietly pulled in?”

I had just finished reading a Bay Brief in the same issue entitled “Intended sex acts debated in Jockisch appeal,” which noted three federal appeals judges who seem to have trouble with a jury’s decision. If I had been a juror and heard this individual say to a 15-year-old girl, “I want to make love to you” and “I want to make you feel good,” my vote would be to put him away for the 10 years as he is obviously very sick and a threat to humanity. The article mentions a similar case involving a former assistant district attorney in Mobile County who “continues to practice law.”

I kept wondering while reading the article just how many young children had received similar telephone calls which could have involved “second-degree statutory rape, sodomy and sexual misconduct.” At least the FBI are trying to protect young people.

I totally support the letter writer, Kate Basttiste, as she hereby calls Mayor Stimpson and Gov. Bentley to completely eradicate unisex bathrooms in public buildings where there is more than one bathroom facility available for use.
Myrt Jones