Mobile has enjoyed Serda’s Coffee being part of our downtown scene for years. It’s very generous of John Serda and company to share that joy with the Eastern Shore. Serda’s Coffee of Daphne recently opened at 1539 Highway 90 in Daphne, creating an extra buzz in the area.

Known for their incredible coffee, the new location sports a pretty hefty menu featuring a breakfast section that looks amazing. Smoothies, bowls with quinoa, meats and veggies, pancakes, omelets that are to die for, breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal — those getting ready for their morning commute will have plenty to choose from.

This new restaurant opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m., so they can catch you coming and going. Of course they also serve the adult beverages, gelato and sandwiches we’ve come to enjoy on Royal Street. You’re welcome, Baldwin County.

But things aren’t stagnant in Mobile, either. Not only is our coffee shop bustling through the holidays and readying itself for an upcoming Mardi Gras, John Serda is getting ready to open Serda Brewing!

The powers that be have greenlighted this project, which will locate in the former Goodyear on Government Street. Serda looks for it to open sometime next summer, which should be just a few months after Haint Blue Brewing Co. opens in the Crystal Ice facility on Monroe Street. More beer for everyone! Let the good times roll!

King Cake smoothies return to Smoothie King
There’s more to look forward to in 2017 than you thought. For the second year in a row Smoothie King will be celebrating the Carnival season with King Cake smoothies.

All Smoothie Kings along the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama coastlines will offer the popular item from Jan. 6 (King’s Day) through Feb. 28 (Mardi Gras Day). The feast of a drink is a “better for you” option, with frozen yogurt, almond milk and natural flavors that capture the essence of our annual sweet.

“Headquartered in New Orleans, Smoothie King is no stranger to Carnival season — the parades, the parties and the extra calories many people consume,” said Joey Schultz, regional director of marketing for Smoothie King. “That’s why we wanted to offer our guests a better-for-you King Cake option, while still honoring the flavors of the season.”

Food truck court to open behind new Hilton Garden Inn
Get ready for a food truck court in our downtown area. By late January we should see The Back Lot open, a new space on Joachim behind the new Hilton Garden Inn between Dauphin and St Francis.

The Back Lot will have space for three trucks, picnic tables, fans, a pergola and lighting. Expect spaces for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m certain there will be a catfight for late-night spaces as well. We will have more details as this develops.

KFC’s fried chicken-scented candle
People say I am hard to shop for. Hogwash. Fire up that Prime account and ship me a fried chicken-scented candle from KFC. Shopping done.