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Lagniappe vs. Mack

Lagniappe vs. Mack A compilation of stories about the May 12, 2017 shooting of Jonathan Victor by a deputy of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office. The stories led to a 2021 Alabama Supreme Court decision which severely restricted public access to records related to law enforcement investigations. By Gabriel Tynes

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Soft Landings for University of Alabama Administrators

SOFT LANDINGS FOR UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA ADMINISTRATORS An investigation into the University of Alabama System and the way millions are being spent on exiting administrators and hiring their replacements. The practice not only wastes millions of university dollars on administrators who have resigned or taken lower positions, but also adds

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50 years after Birdie Mae Davis

In 1963, a group of parents filed suit to desegregate elementary and middle schools in Mobile County. The case would not be settled for 34 years and today, shows mixed results.

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