The Mobile Police Department had to make multiple trips to Murphy High School this week, after two incidents led to police intervention and at least one arrest for the time being.

On Wednesday, Nov. 4, a sexual assault was reported between two male, special-needs students. According to police, both of the students were 15 years old.

A student was arrested on Nov. 4 for a reported sexual assault at Murphy High School in Mobile. (

A student was arrested on Nov. 4 for a reported sexual assault at Murphy High School in Mobile. (

According to a spokesperson with MPD, police responded to the high school, where the victim reported the assailant “crawling under the bathroom stall and asking if he could perform (a sex act) on the victim. When he refused, the subject proceeded anyway.”

According to police, the boy was charged with first-degree sodomy and transported to the Strickland Youth Center, but his name has not been released and likely will not unless the Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich moves to prosecute him as an adult.

On Friday, Rich was not available to comment on the charges.

In an unrelated incident the following day, police responded to reports of a possible student having a gun near the campus of Murphy High School. The student was never identified, and police are still unsure of the identify.

Police stated that they believe it was a student, but don’t know who the student was. However, the school system hasn’t been able to confirm that a gun was ever on campus on Thursday.

“We did not see a gun, and we’ve not had reports of anyone with a gun on our campus,” Rena Philips, a school spokeswoman, said. “A neighbor called the police and said they saw somebody possibly with a gun near campus.”

So far no arrests have been made, but following the report on Friday police responded to the scene with a K-9 unit to search the school and its surrounding areas.

Despite both incidents, Philips said safety remains a top priority at Murphy and at all Mobile County Public schools.

“We still believe the safest place for any child to be from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the week is in school,” she added.