SUBMITTED — Alabama-based Shoe Station announced its plans for a major expansion in the City of Mobile on Tuesday. The plans of the Mobile-headquartered retailer include a distribution and online fulfillment center in a substantial warehouse space.

“The city of Mobile is a natural fit for such a facility, due to its centralized location to the chain, its proximity to the corporate office and the outlook of the local government towards business,” said Shoe Station President Brent Barkin. “We are located in many cities throughout the southeast, but few have an Administration as focused on growing their city and supporting business as Mobile does.”

The warehouse would allow the stores better flow of goods and facilitate transfers of brands and styles from locations. It will also increase overall inventory while enabling stores to focus on their customers.

“For Shoe Station to expand its business in Mobile validates that we are becoming the most business family friendly city in America,” said Mayor Stimpson. ”We appreciate the confidence Brent Barkin and Shoe Station have in the future of Mobile. Shoe Station is one of the most successful companies in the Southeast, and we could not be more excited about this expansion. Mobile is open for business, and the best is yet to come!”

Plans for the facility are in the early stages, but central distribution centers for other independent footwear retailers often contain millions of dollars of inventory, are over 100,000 square feet, and employ in excess of 50 full and part time workers.

“Our brick and mortar business thrives due to the City of Mobile and its loyal customer base,” said Barkin. “This strong business is bolstered by a rapidly growing internet presence, both on and through 3rd party marketplaces such as The online expansion is so great that we are now looking to layer on even more inventory and ramp up our shipments outside of our current markets.”