Do we in Southwest Alabama matter? With the latest slap in the face from Goat Hill regarding no new rail service, all the way to the flat-out, high-noon robbery of the BP funds, what in the hell is going on?

Regarding Amtrak, Gov. Kay Ivey said there are more pressing funding issues for transportation projects, and I am sure there is north of Evergreen. I am only 39 years old but I swear there has been major highway road work going on in Montgomery and Birmingham for as long as I can remember.

When was the last time the I-10/65 interchange was updated? Not since I was 4 and could remember things. How do I say this nicely … it pisses me the f*uck off.

What are our legislators doing up there? Do any of them have her ear? Has a governor ever said “no” to anything that Montgomery, Birmingham or Huntsville asked for? I would rather be a part of Mississippi and be able to put a C note down on the Saints without Big Brother or Sister telling me how bad it is for me.

But that is for a different time, and I guess we will just wait around until they deem us worthy of their time and money.

Drew Barron,