For years the pride of Chickasaw has been Hall’s Sausage. Don’t worry, it still is, but we now have a new reason to celebrate our neighbors to the north with Shotgun BBQ Sauces, Spices and Rubs!

Founded by Ed and Angela Pederson, this local sauce is taking the city by storm with multiple television appearances and a pretty big following. I received a couple of bottles for sampling and was immediately impressed with the Original and Double Barrel versions.

Original was delightfully sweet and held a fair amount of heat when sampled off the finger. This diminishes when sampling with meat or bread, creating a very smooth kick that even the kids will enjoy. The Double Barrel version seems to be a little spicier, but again, not overpowering.

Both are fine examples of why we should buy local. Speaking of which, you can find these at most Greer’s, Food For Less and Food Champs in our fair city. The sauce has even been used by Bob Baumhower’s Daphne restaurant. Pick up some — it could be your new go-to sauce.

Of course this sauce is perfect for any type of meat, but don’t neglect it as a dipping sauce for crackers, chips, fries or veggies. Put it on the side or put it on top, you’ll love it either way. Check out their Facebook page or visit for news and online purchasing.

They don’t have a restaurant so you’re going to have to make your own banana pudding.

Alabama barbecue book

What is a guy from Milwaukee doing writing a book about Alabama barbecue? Who does he think he is? Well, when you graduate from the University of Alabama with a doctorate in history, I would imagine you’ve spent a little more than a few study breaks within the walls of some of our finest smoky joints on your journey to becoming a professional historian.

That’s the story behind Mark A. Johnson and his new book, “An Irresistible History of Alabama Barbecue” (American Palate/The History Press). This book can serve as a guide to our current hotspots as well as a historical reference to those who came before and shaped our ‘cue landscape.

With profiles of institutions such as Big Bob Gibson’s, Dreamland, Jim and Nick’s and of course Moe’s Original, the older readers can travel down memory lane as they gaze upon the black and white photos in this paperback, while the younger scholars get a history lesson and enjoy a recipe or two.

We take our barbecue seriously in Alabama. From wood pit to white sauce, we have our own thing going and this book is great for those who live and eat here or for any barbecue lover wanting to broaden his or her horizons to see that Alabama is a force to be reckoned with in the world of meat.

Be on the lookout. Christmas is just around the corner.