It didn’t take long for high-profile personal injury attorney Alexander Shunnarah to pony up after the Alabama Media Group filed suit against his firm Sept. 14.

As we reported last week, the Shunnarah firm was sued in Mobile County Circuit Court by AMG for more than $270,000 in unpaid advertising fees. AMG is the parent company of and the Mobile Press-Register and is owned by Newhouse Corp.

According to Shunnarah & Associates LLP managing partner James T. Laura Jr., the debt was paid on the afternoon of Sept. 18. A stipulation of dismissal with prejudice was eventually signed by AMG attorney Joshua Friedman on Sept. 21, ending the legal issues between one of the state’s largest media companies and a man whose face seems to grace close to half the billboards in Alabama.

A glowing 2015 article about Shunnarah’s success said the firm had more than 2,000 billboards bearing the attorney’s smiling visage, along with “thousands of television spots each month.” The firm also has run a prolific amount of digital advertising with, according to documents included in AMG’s suit against Shunnarah.

Laura pointed out the transfer was made prior to an article about the lawsuit running in Lagniappe’s Sept. 21 issue, and publication online at on Sept. 20. However, Lagniappe did contact Shunnarah’s Mobile office on Sept. 18 — a full day before the paper’s deadline — informing an employee there that a story was being written and asking for comment from the firm. That employee said she would contact Laura concerning the matter. No one from Shunnarah’s firm contacted Lagniappe until Sept. 21; online monitoring of the lawsuit through Alacourt showed only that summonses were issued on Sept. 18.

AMG attorney Friedman confirmed Sept. 22 that the stipulation of dismissal with prejudice had been signed and the matter is closed.