Hold on to your party hats! The madness has begun. We won’t stop partying until the ashiest of Wednesdays in mid February, but don’t worry I have faith in us to get the job done. And done right!

And I have plenty of scoop to get us going in the right direction, so dig on in!

The Boom Boom is coming!

Being a trashy gossip columnist, I often forget the Mardi Gras madness actually gets kicked off in November at the Camellia Ball. But luckily, my blue-blood spies keep me in the know and filled in all of the champagne (or Deb’s Delite, in this case) wishes and caviar dreams of Mobile’s rich and famous. Here are a couple of reports filed by one such spy:

Do debutantes have balls?

You can bet your sweet bippie they do, as was evidenced last Wednesday evening at the
62nd Annual Camellia Ball held at Fort Whiting Armory. In the setting of Monet’s Giverney garden,
30 young ladies were “ introduced “ to society, composed it seems, of some 1,400 individuals
in attendance. You have to wonder how long that might take to intro that many people to that many young ladies!

There was hardly room to swing a cat, much less a young lady dressed in pink satin, but the crowd took it in style, fueled on by hefty portions of the signature drink of the evening, “the Deb’s Delite,” composed of vodka, Cointreau and frozen melon balls.

Perhaps the “cat calls” from the balcony during the presentation should be over-looked due to an over-indulgence of these drinks. 

At any rate, it was a great kick off to the 2014 – 2015 Carnival Season!

Mardi Gras in the Making

We all know it is said plans for the next Carnival celebration begin as the last OOM float disappears from the streets. But one of the young ladies of next year’s court will be wearing a ‘stume  that has been in the making for well over 100 years!

Beaded panels of her great-great grandmother’s queen’s outfit from the turn of the century, Fortuny silk brocade from the ‘30s from her great-grandmother’s royal train, plus silver and turquoise appliques from her grandmother’s 1950s queen’s ensemble have all been incorporated into the new design.

But there’s a kicker…

All the materials spent two weeks underwater and then drying out on the lawn after Katrina at the grandmother’s Dog River home. Talk about one wet, hot mess!

After taking a look at the damage, one of Mobile’s fabulous train designers and crew “ took the plunge” and have resurrected the materials. From what we hear, is a spectacular tribute to the family history of monarchs, and is ready to roll during next year’s celebration!

OK, OK, enough about our royal-ty. Back to our real-ty. Not like property. Like regular ol’ people. You know what I mean. Nevermind. Just keep on reading.

Iron Bowl shenanigans

For some reason, the venom spewed between Alabama and Auburn folks leading up to the game on Saturday, Nov. 29 did not seem nearly as hateful as usual. Maybe there just wasn’t as much riding on it this year. But who would have ever thunk you would have seen 99 points scored? That was just cray-cray.

Anyway, you are not here for scores and injuries, you want the good stuff.

I hear THE private Iron Bowl party to be at was one in the Oakleigh Garden District. My spies said the “gracious host with the most” had three TVs set up in a fancy tent outside and there were two big TVs inside too with all of the games on.

There was plenty of food and drink and my spy said by the end of the evening, many of the ladies could not even speak. We are not sure if their team performed poorly or there were too many drinkie-poos consumed or maybe both. But I am told it was a very mixed crowd of Alabama and Auburn fans and everyone was getting along just fabulously. Love (and bourbon) really can build a bridge!

Another spy caught the finest shrine to Alabama football on six wheels at a gas station near Prattville. There seem to be various stuffed elephants prominently placed for idolatry purposes. There is one stuffed tiger in what appears to be a trap and even a stuffed elephant eating another stuffed tiger! You know what they say it’s a stuffed elephant eat stuffed tiger world. Also the 2014 Bama schedule was featured on the tailgate as the “12 Most Wanted,” which will presumably be changed out for next year.

People have way too much time on their hands. Way too much.

What’s worse than the real Nodine?

Just when you thought it was safe to turn your cable television back on, unfortunately the Investigation Discovery network decided to do a piece on former county commissioner Stephen Nodine and the tragic death of his mistress Angel Downs for a series called “Love the Way you Lie.”

Nodine was charged with her murder and went to trial but the jury was hung and he ultimately pleaded to the lesser charges of harassment and perjury. He spent time in jail on a federal firearms charge and perjury and was recently released on probation.

Judging by the trailer and the title of the episode, “’When she was with him she turned into the devil,” it does not appear to portray Downs in a very positive light. But let’s just say we are certain the Commish is probably not too happy with the actor chosen to play him either, as they seemed to cast based on the tubbier version of Nodine. All in all, it looks just totally stupid and horribly done and will probably only be watched by people in hospitals who are too sick to change the channel.

You can check out the trailer, if you can stomach it, at www.investigationdiscovery.com.

Well kids, that’s all I have for this edition of Boozie Beer World News. Tune in next time for even more worthless news, if that is possible. And remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous or just some plain ol’ Deb’s Delite lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!