Makin’ a list, checkin’ it twice, I already know if you’ve been naughty or nice, just deciding who’s going to get iced.

I see you when you’re drinking, I know if you’re passed out, I know if you’ve been bad or good, so be bad for Boozie’s sake!

O! You better watch out! You better not cry. Better not pour your beer out, I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town!

I’m excited for the holidays, in case you couldn’t tell with my remix version of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” I have a countdown to Lagniappe’s annual Christmas shindig and am patiently waiting for all the gossip about other Christmas activities! Oh, and of course the fat man in the red suit. But being only a few days into the holiday season, I don’t have all that much holiday gossip … yet! But I know all you crazy kids won’t stay on Santa’s nice list for long! But until you get your “naughty” on, enjoy these “nice” little holiday appetizers.

Singing at the Saenger
First up, Fantasia with special guests Guordan Banks and La’Porsha Renae performed at the Saenger this past Friday night. Three words: sold-out show. Some other things the spies reported, Fantasia had the crowd up dancing all night and that it was an amazing show. And th
Not so quick: Fantasia wasn’t the only one who brought down the house this past weekend at the Saenger. The next night, John Prine performed with breakout folk duo Shovels & Rope. One of my more seasoned concert-going spies said it was easily one of the best concerts he attended this year. And that says a lot coming from a guy who spends a lot of time at the Saenger and Callaghan’s.

But he wasn’t the only one talking about the concert. Another spy also reported how great the the show was. She said her favorite part was when John Prine and Cary Ann from Shovels & Ropes sang in “Spite of Ourselves.” What a classic!

Boozie was told the crowd was asked to hurry up and get their drink on because they would not be serving past intermission. Hmmmm. Boozie never likes for a bar to close down but maybe they were just trying to keep concert-goers from inevitably drunkenly screaming “Roll Tide!” since Alabama had just won the SEC Championship. I mean, but who are we kidding? People scream that all year long.

Changes in latitude
I try to keep y’all ahead of the game but sometimes, just sometimes I miss the before memo and have to tell you afterwards. I mean, it’s hard to keep up with all the TV shows and movies being filmed around here, so don’t get mad at me. Any who, this past Sunday night Ono Island made an appearance on HGTV’s “Island Living” show! Boozie missed the episode, but knowing HGTV, it will appear in the lineup again. The name of the episode is “Setting Sail to Ono Island,” so if you see it come up, check it out.

Boozie couldn’t help but chuckle at episode’s description. No, not the part about a Dallas couple wanting to move to Ono Island, but the part about how the couple discovered the island.

“Mark and Charlotte stumbled upon Ono Island, Alabama, while visiting family on the Gulf Shores, and they fell in love with how undeveloped and private the island was.” I laugh every time I read “… while visiting family ON the Gulf Shores.” Maybe it’s a typo or maybe they are trying to jazz up the area. Either way, I hope to catch the episode soon so I can try to figure out what they mean.

South in your mouth
South is off to the playoffs! This past weekend South defeated the New Mexico State Aggies in a nailbiter to move on to play in the Arizona Bowl against the Air Force Falcons. I’m no sporst expert, nor is this about sports, so that’s all you really need to know. Well, maybe you also need to know who was spotted at the tailgate beforehand. No, no movie stars, just one of Santa’s reindeers who seemed to have escaped and made it to the game. Well, kinda. See, there was a guy at the tailgate dressed up as a reindeer running around. Whatever floats your sleigh.

The reindeer wasn’t the only unusual spotting that day. My spy also caught a glimpse of a gladiator. The most interesting thing about this gladiator is that he was missing his gladiator sandals. Maybe they were lost in battle? But regardless, he was running around barefoot. My spy was just as confused as you are.

No word on whether the reindeer and gladiator will be traveling with the team to the Arizona Bowl, but if they are the team’s lucky charms we hope they’re spotted with the Jags in Tucson.  

Well, kids, that’s all I’ve got this week. Just remember, whether rain or shine, dramatic or scandalous, or just some plain ol’ Ono Island lovin’, I will be there. Ciao!